Ritual + Divine Karma

We can probably all admit to having gone through phases where ritual work became less-than-consistent. When Prayer / Meditation became intermittent. Communication with Source-energy / Universe / Nature / God + Goddess felt more like a job than an integral part of opening to joy and abundance. The truth is: ritual doesn’t require a schedule. … More Ritual + Divine Karma

Monday Message: Moving Beyond the Layers

Each person carries layers upon layers of experiences, memories, knowledge, and information in general. There seems to be some transparency in the air, offering us a glimpse of others’ inner world — but only a glimpse. No matter how empathic or intuitive we are, we cannot ever really know someone else’s layers. We might be able … More Monday Message: Moving Beyond the Layers

The Universal Mind Oracle Deck: Acceptance

Introducing card number two in the Universal Mind Oracle deck (release date TBA)  ❩✶Acceptance✶❨  The cycles in our lives ebb and flow like the ocean, sometimes gentle and other times ferocious. When we accept what is, we become better equipped to maneuver through obstacles and challenges.  Acceptance of Self and others helps us revise our … More The Universal Mind Oracle Deck: Acceptance

The Mystic Fern 

The mystic evergreen ferns were loudly calling for my attention several days ago, and I couldn’t help but notice their vibrant green hue glowing amid the wintery landscape.  While these ferns may appear fragile, they are incredibly hardy, able to withstand extreme cold and at the same time able to withstand periods of drought. In … More The Mystic Fern