Mulberry Season 

It’s that time of year again; our mulberry tree is bursting with life. Only the second year that we have witnessed her in all her glory, but this year she is overflowing in comparison to last.  Mulberry trees are native to the eastern US, making their gifts to us all the more magickal. The mulberry … More Mulberry Season 

Wild Violet Magick 

Not many things are sweeter than the scent, color, and flavor of the violet flower. The violet is connected to the planet Venus and is used in spellwork and tincturing to attract love and good fortune. Even simply spending time with violets and collecting them to create tea or garnishes can attract more “goodness” into … More Wild Violet Magick 

Sacred Morning Challenge | Day 4: Sacred Skincare with Essential Oils

Incorporating Sacred Skincare into your morning routine is a way to give yourself some extra love, right at the start of the day. Since over-cleansing can be way too harsh and damaging, I wanted to offer up a varied, balanced regime that is 100% natural, and will leave your skin glowing! Remember, a great morning … More Sacred Morning Challenge | Day 4: Sacred Skincare with Essential Oils

Astral Love Potion

As an avid forager, particularly of wildflowers… I am always experimenting with different combinations for a variety of uses. This intuitive blend is best used as a bedtime meditation, as the red clover aids in inducing a dreamy sensation. Astral Love Potion So what do I mean by ‘astral love,’ you ask? This potion energizes the heart … More Astral Love Potion