Ritual + Divine Karma

We can probably all admit to having gone through phases where ritual work became less-than-consistent. When Prayer / Meditation became intermittent. Communication with Source-energy / Universe / Nature / God + Goddess felt more like a job than an integral part of opening to joy and abundance. The truth is: ritual doesn’t require a schedule. … More Ritual + Divine Karma

Crystal Collecting | Ohio Flint with Quartz

There aren’t many things more magical than spending time with the Earth. When you get to spend time with crystals in their natural environment, it is an awe-inspiring experience.  To see the sun shining down on a hillside full of sparkling Quartz is unforgettable.  Pictured here are two natural Flint crystals with crystalline Quartz deposits … More Crystal Collecting | Ohio Flint with Quartz

Citrine Point Meditation for Prosperity and Success

Today I want to share with you a meditation using the beautiful Citrine point. Working with Citrine has many benefits, including: boosting happiness, energizing, comforting, confidence boosting, inspiring generosity, recognizing abundance, and… manifesting success and prosperity, which is what we will be working on in this meditation. What You Will Need:  Two Citrine points, Natural or … More Citrine Point Meditation for Prosperity and Success