Entering 2018 with a Crystallized Heart


At the start of 2017, it felt like a year that would be filled with forward momentum. While many new things were discovered, one of them forced us to slow down: what we needed to let go of. We needed to fully close out some of the chapters in our lives before we could reintegrate, and 2017 gave us plenty of opportunities for resolve.

Gratitude Opens the Heart

Of the lessons I learned in 2017, the one that stands out the most is the importance of being grateful, and taking every action from within a space of gratitude. There are many blessings to be found through the practice of gratitude. First, doing so casts blessings onto those we are grateful for. Second, it lifts our frequency, thus giving our bodies, emotions, and minds a boost. Third, it calls us to be more loving towards ourselves and to others, naturally.

Of course… it took being totally unaware of how little I was actually offering gratitude in order to get to the place I am now. I make a conscious effort to offer gratitude even for the tiniest details, for every reason I can think of… even for no reason at all. And doing that is helping me connect more fully to The All.


Here we are entering into a new voyage in 2018 with a fresh pair of sails, and Love will be the anchor. 


Making Gratitude the Center of Our Spiritual Practice

The HeartSpace is the source of all things that are good. It is the portal to our deep memories of the past, and a portal to everything we are connected to in the physical and spiritual realms. From today forward, I intend to allow my gratitude / Heartwork practices to show me the way.

When gratitude is central to our rituals, affirmations, daily tasks, and intentions, we align with Love. We align with the The All, and we align with ourselves. We see in a more divine way when gratitude becomes a light for our path. May we leave behind any stale ways of thinking that sent us away from feeling grateful, gracious, and aware.

If we can remember even one thing to be grateful for — even in the most difficult times — we crystallize a path in our hearts for Source / The All to move through. We become an example for others who are having [unconscious] shifts within themselves.

Wishing  you all an blessed New Year in 2018 🙂



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