How Travel Brightens Your Health, Smile and Spirits

Photo by Michelle Black

Do we master our routine schedules or do our routine schedules master us? It’s a difficult question to answer, particularly when you’re caught in what seems to be a permanent work cycle. Whether you’re a workaholic or not, sometimes the prospect of actually escaping from your daily work life for a bit can seem out of reach.

Your office depends on you a lot. Your clients need you, and call you frequently. You just a promotion, and the tasks just seem to keep piling on. Even though your partner is quick to point out these are excuses, you can’t seem to shake the burden of responsibility off your shoulders.

Let’s explore the value of restorative vacations for your body, mind and spirit.

Even Short Getaways Can Be Effective

Before you come up with the millionth excuse why you simply can’t tear yourself away from work, your household and family duties, or clamor you can’t afford a vacation at all, consider the fact that a short weekend getaway can be just as effective as one that’s longer and more elaborate.

The decision to get away can sometimes require you to overcome mental hurdles  —which can be sizable in some cases. It all boils down to how you view the value of getting away. Once you recognize the merits of taking time off to restore, relax and unwind, you’ll be on firmer mental ground to organize a vacation you really need that can also fit your budget. The first step? Taking weekend getaways.

Your Mental Health Improves

Jumbled thoughts, emotions in disarray, anxiety and a sense of being overburdened daily are signs of a mind that needs to rest. Studies prove time and time again that travel does wonders for lightening your spirits, calming the mind, and inspiring creativity. Taking the time to discover new places, take in new sights, try new customs, and dine on different cuisine can broadens your interests, open your mind, and improve your mental health.

You’ll find yourself smiling more, acting more jubilant. The health benefits of vacationing increase the more you take advantage of your time off. Jotting your impressions down in a journal, meditating, local hiking or outdoor sports, even using a countdown clock app before your vacation to build anticipation and excitement are ways to help you maximize your enjoyment of the trip.

Play Time Only – No Work Allowed

Carving out the necessary time to take a vacation can be difficult. Plan ahead to make arrangements in advance, have others step in for you at work or at home, and arrange for a babysitter. With some planning and foresight the results are worth it!

Keep that work-prodding devil on your shoulder from urging you to check work-related emails, voice messages, and the like. Ask your travel companions to help you kick work to the curb as you focus on self-healing. Traveling solo? Take your dog along with you to a nature park or wilderness area where the both of you can bond, exercise and play.

The idea is to be without interruption during your vacation. Your goal is to restore vitality, energy and joie de vivre… so much so, the idea settles into your heart and mind.

The Takeaway

The value of going on a restorative vacation for your health and spirit is exponential. It is one of the most proactive gifts you can give to yourself. It is so powerful, in fact, even addiction recovery can benefit from travel as a healing prescriptive. Your heart will thank you for it as you begin to embrace more meaningful living.

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