Review: Ana Aguilar Fine Jewelry


When I first came across Ana’s jewelry on Instagram, I was immediately drawn in. Her work could be described as timeless-meets-edgy, with touches of minimalism and antique flair.

I wasn’t even sure how to choose one of her pieces because I was so smitten with them all, but I chose the Nova ring because I really liked the idea of wearing malachite on a daily basis. I’ve worn a turquoise ring that my grandmother gave me when I was 17 nearly every day since (I’m now 37) and when the Nova ring arrived it was like it was meant to be worn together with the turquoise.

It felt so familiar. 

Ana crafts her pieces by hand, each one made with blessings and intention toward the wearer. So even after you’ve chosen the piece that you like it’s very special knowing that yours will be custom-created uniquely for you, and no two pieces are identical in design. I could really feel that when I first put it on, it was made to be worn on my fingers. It radiates a very comforting feeling, a sense of being taken care of — which is so perfect for my circumstances and moving forward in different areas of my life presently — especially the way stimulates heart and throat chakras.

All of Ana’s packaging had special personal touches, such as dried flowers and a thoughtful handwritten note. My first glimpse of the ring gave me butterflies — and I’m not a woman that gets that way about jewelry. I’m usually pretty picky about jewelry to be honest and have never had much of a collection. But I immediately put the ring on, and it fit perfectly. It doesn’t move around at all and is really comfortable. Needless to say, I have worn it every day since its arrival. I love that it can be worn with the point facing up or down, giving the ring a totally different feel, like having two rings in one.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that on the day the ring arrived, a hummingbird flew into my path while I was hiking a few hours earlier. I spent a good two hours hanging around the spot where the bird was feeding on nectar in the wild. I’ve witnessed hummingbirds using feeders but there was something special — joyful — about watching this one dance around in its natural environment. Mesmerizing, really.  I brought that hummingbird medicine home with me, and I was pleased to see that the ring had been delivered while I was out hiking. Lots of positive affirmations and synchronicity 🙂

If you’re someone like me who isn’t necessarily a jewelry fanatic, but when you are drawn to a piece you really, really connect with its energy… I highly recommend working with Ana. Right now is a great time to purchase from her since she is donating 15% of her profits to hurricane relief efforts.

Here are the conceptual product photos I created of the Nova ring and I cannot wait to photograph more of her pieces.

You can visit Ana’s website here:
And follow her on Instagram here: @anaaguilarjewelry




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