Shadow Aspects: Working Through Darkness with Self Compassion


The eclipse was a magnificent sight to behold; the cosmic dance connected millions who gathered to watch. Nearly 900,000 photos of the phenomenon were uploaded to Instagram alone. This phenomenon hadn’t occurred visibly in the United States since 1979, and it will be another 7 years before we are able to witness another total eclipse.

Many of us have experienced an outpouring of unexpected realization accompanied by a sense of loss for what must be left behind, for good. We are letting go of pieces of ourselves which have been gradually breaking away since the start of the year — or even longer than that. At the forefront of our awareness now are all of the things we’ve done that served a purpose, yet are no longer necessary. We are able to recognize the habits that were holding us back. We are ready to fully acknowledge the shadow aspects we’ve been dealing with since early Spring.

This is one of the most painful awakenings we’ve experienced in a long time. As much as we want to revise what we’ve done, it’s already been seen and heard — there’s no undoing it. This could include commitments we weren’t ready for, relationships that weren’t genuine, or simply behaviors or patterns that cause us to question our deeper motivation. If you’ve been heavily criticized it is all a part of this collective breaking-away-from-the-past that we are moving through.

Somehow, this shift has opened us to see the whole of who we are and stopped us dead in our tracks. Thank goodness. It is time to steer ourselves into the unknown.

But really, it isn’t unknown. We’ve known what we needed for a very long time, but for some reason we didn’t believe we could really maneuver through it to get to what we really want for ourselves. For some of us, the easier road seemed like a better idea…it felt safer. Things have come full circle with a second chance to say yes to what we really want. Now is the time to say yes to what you really want. Say yes, and watch as the Universe supports you.

Steady Self-Compassion During Fluctuating Emotions

It’s crucial to face our shadow aspects with compassion and keep going… to meet with those unwanted emotions and know that they are only a temporary part of this surge forward into true purpose. We must accept that our emotions will be unsteady during this time, sometimes even dramatically unsteady. We are moving toward a Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th… bringing everything we’ve felt throughout Eclipse season to a point of climactic release. This week is a prime time to get back into meditation if you’ve fallen short. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, reduce sugar, and work to energize the Throat and Root Chakras. It is time to take what we’ve learned about what wasn’t working, to invest in what feels most natural, and to reclaim our true identity.

Some of us will be walking away from big goals that no longer serve us, in order to pursue our deep dreams. It is quite mysterious how all of this will unfold… for some of us boldly and for others quietly. If any of this sounds like you, I’d love to hear what you’re experiencing if you’re open to sharing.

In the meantime, here are a few links to some of the best Eclipse photos of 2017. Have an awesome week!


Sky and Telescope

Wired – Nasa Photos

Bored Panda

500px 2017 Eclipse Photos

F Stoppers



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