Review: Points of Light in Asheville NC 

When I walked into Points of Light in Asheville, North Carolina with my sister and mother, our jaws nearly hit the floor. The store is wall-to-wall with museum-quality specimens that glisten beneath strategically placed lighting.

There are crystals available to purchase between $1 and upwards of $20,000. The quality of these crystals are some of the best I’ve seen in my lifetime, without a doubt. If I could have held them all, I would have!

The staff was very knowledgeable about the properties of the crystals and directed us around the store without hesitation. I spent most of my time photographing the larger specimens while my mother and sister shopped around.

The energy of the space is intense, powerful, and inspiring. Being realistic, the majority of the pieces were so expensive that even top-dollar collectors might pass on a purchase. I wasn’t overly-impressed with the selection of “wearable” and “work” sized crystals, or how they were displayed. It was somewhat awkwardly arranged and I wasn’t always sure what I was looking at, based on how the signs were placed.

Overall the best thing to buy from this store would be the small to medium sized clusters which ranged anywhere between $30 and $200. The quality of their clusters is unmatched! Rich color and sparkle to them all.

Even if you aren’t looking to investment in crystals the next time you’re in Asheville North Carolina, I’d still recommend stopping in to have a look at what Points of Light has to offer. You will most definitely leave with a new crystal to work with. I found a beautiful Green Opal that has been a lovely companion to me ever since our visit a couple of weeks ago.


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