Monday Message: Moving Beyond the Layers


Each person carries layers upon layers of experiences, memories, knowledge, and information in general. There seems to be some transparency in the air, offering us a glimpse of others’ inner world — but only a glimpse. No matter how empathic or intuitive we are, we cannot ever really know someone else’s layers. We might be able to perceive them in a sensory way but we are not always going to understand, and that is okay. To get stuck on someone else’s “why” or even trying to analyze a behavior is much like the Knight of Cups as depicted in the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, there might be movement but it isn’t necessarily productive movement.

Experiencing someone else’s hurt, pain, or anger naturally stirs something within ourselves (especially if you’re a person who is sensitive to other people to begin with).

Sometimes all we want is to help. 

Sometimes we take offense. Other times, we offend (even if unintentionally).

Sometimes we are bothered by interactions in which we make such a valiant effort to be understanding towards another person, yet are not given the same care and consideration in return. 

Sometimes we empathize only to be criticized. 

Sometimes we are simply unable to make the connection that we hope to make. 

Sometimes someone else’s passion is stronger, even when we don’t resonate with what they are passionate about. 

Darlings, sometimes there will be darkness. And over the last few days there may well have been. Yet… there is no need to cling to despair, nor to let despair sink its teeth into your skin. Simply allow it to be what it is, let the emotions come. This is the only way to move from the saddle of a wooden rocking horse to the saddle of a living, breathing stallion. The Sun is still offering her light to the World. This week will be a challenging time to find your own set of wings, but this may be due to the fact that it is about watching someone else find theirs. Let them go. Let them be. Sometimes analysis isn’t needed: acceptance is the key.

The Moon has moved into Aquarius, and it is a little easier to get stuck in circular thought patterns. To envision every possible outcome of a situation or interaction. There may even be a sense of detachment or even sadness. Do not be afraid to “unzip” and open up. Allow others the space and freedom to do the same.


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