Thoughts on Abundance + Spring Abundance Ritual 

Not many things make me happier than when I am with the elements, whether I am in nature, working with plants and flowers, or connecting with crystals.

When it comes to our chosen career path, things can get muddy. We want to do something that provides for our family, but we also want to feel fulfilled doing that.

I have taken more webinars over the last year than I could count on this subject, and what it comes down to is: are you happy? The reason I ask this question is because for me, success is measured by happiness… not the amount of income earned.

Does money contribute to happiness? Absolutely! But money doesn’t define happiness.

Abundance, in my view, is finding joy through your efforts, knowing your work is making an impact even if it is on a small scale. If you are doing that, the money will come.

When we are creating from a space of joy, our vibrational frequency will harmonize with other high vibrational frequencies through the law of resonance.

“Our life force will react to adjust on every stimulus or force that it is being exposed to within the body, mind, emotions or spirit. If the force of stimulus is stronger than the inner life force present, the bodies are forced to adjust in a way where a consequence of that force is perceived or experienced.”

I am not talking about using the law of resonance for material gain… which to me is something quite different than abundance.

Abundance is something we feel… an inner knowing that we are provided for and a sense and attitude that life is plentiful. This holds true whether you are living minimally, or whether you are a millionaire. Finances do play a part in what we are attracting to us through the law of resonance, but the more important aspect of what our efforts are producing is growth.

If we are not ourselves experiencing growth, joy, and even bliss through our efforts, we can never experience true abundance.

When we recognize our lives are abundant, we see that our basic needs are met and feel that our desires are satisfied (or that they can be). This is not to say that life will suddenly become void of challenges. But our mindset shifts and we understand that challenges are inevitable, thus we are able to meet challenges at a high vibration with emotional maturity (even if our emotions cause us to suffer).

So what I would encourage to do is this:

Go at your own pace. 

Feel it in your soul. 

In all matters, use the heartspace to “think”.

If you are only rushing from creation to creation, only seeking to create the next “big thing” how can love and care adhere to any of the things you are creating? 

Is what you are creating / expending your effort towards making you feel resentful, or is it opening your eyes? 

If you aren’t happy, why are you creating what you are creating, doing what you are doing? What is one small change can you make today to start shifting your mindset? 


Items needed:

  • 2 green candles, one to symbolize mindset and the other to symbolize manifestation
  • raw or polished Lepidolite and Ruby
  • Cypress Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • freshly collected dandelion flower

Before you begin, invite the elements / your guides / Spirit / Source / God / Universe / the god and goddess, etc. Cleanse the space with a smudge spray, smudge smoke, or incense.

1. At your altar, light the first candle. Recite verbally, “I light this candle to symbolize the shift in my conscious awareness to notice the abundance that is happening all around me. I am grateful for all that I am being provided with in this moment and all future experiences.” Take three breaths and pause before lighting the second candle.

2. Light the second candle and recite verbally, “I light this candle to symbolize the expression of joy, love, and gratitude that I express through my words, actions, and creations, so that my life will harmonize with and bind itself to that which supports my mindset, efforts, and endeavors for the Highest Good of all. I know that [my family and] I are/am well taken care of and that through appreciation of what we/I have, we/I will continue to be supported.” Take a few breaths and meditate on gratitude for a few moments.

3. Anoint the lepidolite and focus your intention to the changes you want to make. Anoint the lepidolite with a drop of each Cypress oil and Rosemary oil. Place the crystal on your altar. Repeat this process with the Ruby, only focusing your intention to what you intend to manifest and how it will help you grow in spirit. Whatever does not serve to help you grow in spirit is not coming from a pure intention and should be revised. Place the fresh dandelion on your altar with the crystals.

4. Follow up by drinking a cup of peppermint tea.

5. Give thanks to Universe and leave the candles lit throughout the day. Continue to light the candles at the start of each day for 7 days. After the lighting of the candles each day, follow up with a cup of peppermint tea.


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