Post  Cord-Cutting Tonic

Some wonderful advice offered to me from a wise friend, is to reintegrate following cord cutting before moving onto a second round. 

Here is a tonic to use on the third day following any cord cutting ritual for help with restoring balance, and opening the third eye to new insight that arises through release. When we let go we create space for new aspects of ourselves to grow! 
3-4 Fresh mint leaves

1 tbsp honey

1-2 drops therapeutic food grade Myrrh Essential oil 

1 cup boiling water
Bring water to a boil. Pour into a tea cup, steeping mint leaves for 4-5 minutes. Add one to two drops of therapeutic food grade myrrh essential oil, and 1 tbsp pure honey. 
Consume as a meditative practice. Prepare your sacred space by smudging. Light a candle after preparing your tonic. Sitting in lotus, consume the tonic slowly and pay close attention to the robust Earthy flavor with each sip. Breathe deeply, slowly, and fluidly until entire tonic has been consumed. Follow up with journaling. 


One thought on “Post  Cord-Cutting Tonic

  1. The instructions “consume as meditative practice…Follow up with journaling,” very important. This is not like taking an aspirin. As cord-cutting is not child’s play.

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