Sacred Morning Challenge | Days 6 + 7

For Day 6 we are going to really change things up a bit. Today we honor the body by allowing ourselves to rest as needed, and waking when the body is ready to begin. It is so restorative to allow a bit of extra rest into our schedule wherever possible. I tend to need this extra bit of rest 1-2 days per week, or several days in a row during my feminine cycle. I divert from my daily Sacred Waking schedule when I do this, and follow a slightly modified routine instead:

  1. Wake as desired
  2. Hydrate
  3. Step Outside / Connect with the Weather
  4. Apply Essential Oils
  5. Sacred Movement
  6. A Date With Nature

Today, you can exercise your newly established Sacred Waking flow, or simply choose to move directly into Sacred Movement following hydration. Remember to always do what feels good or necessary. I like to add Sacred Movement to my morning routine where I’ve taken extra rest to balance things out energetically speaking, or do switch it up between Sacred Movement and Crystal Meditation. Keeping things varied will help you stay interested and prevent feelings of burnout.

Sacred Movement

Connecting to the body through movement is something we should be doing each and every day, whether we incorporate it into our morning routine or enjoy it later in the day. Yoga, Dance, and Hiking are the forms of Sacred Movement I recommend above other forms of movement because they service, support, and uplift the spiritual self as well as the physical body. If you are someone who loves to go to the gym, then you should by all means continue to do that.


I recommend these two strengthening + energizing Yoga videos for an incredible start to the day that you can add to your routine, and they are under 20 minutes each!

Sun Salutation with Tim Senesi – his form, posture, and guidance is incredible!

Five Minute Morning Yoga with Adriene – freeflow yoga that feels so good!



Here are some Belly Dancing videos for a fun variation to help connect with your Divine Feminine =)

How to do Hip Lifts & Basic Shimmy

How to do a Belly Roll

How to do Side to Side Chest Slides

How to do Wrist Circles

How to do Hip Drops


A Date With Nature

Spending time in communion with Nature is one of the most energizing things we can do for ourselves. Did you know that the vibrational frequency of the brain is in harmony with the vibrational frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat? This is why we feel noticeably different when we spend time with Mother Earth. We are beings evolved out of Her vibration and so we exist in natural resonance with Her rhythm. When we are in Nature we almost immediately experience a sense of restoration and balance.

A Date with Nature can be added to your morning routine any day of the week, or incorporated into your Sacred Waking flow wherever it feels good. I schedule my entire routine around dates with Nature, which typically fall around Sunrise times. This is the form of meditation I prefer, and the form of movement I prefer. Whether you choose to take a short hike, or simply to sit and marvel at the beauty of a favorite Nature spot, this will surely become a scared (and unmatched) part of your morning!




Congratulations! Welcome to Day 7 of the Challenge! In your journal this morning, you might want to consider:

  • What did you discover about what works?
  • What does or does not work for you?
  • What is the pattern that feels the best for you right now?
  • What are some adjustments you were able to make that you didn’t think were possible before?


Sacred Breakfast

For your final exercise, you will prepare a breakfast for yourself that is nutritionally balanced, as well as beautiful! We are going to follow some of the principles of Ayurveda for this experience.

  1. Serene Eating Space. Create a space for your meal that is comfortable and inviting. Try adding fresh flowers and candles to create ambiance.
  2. No Distractions. Leave your phone in another room, on silence. Don’t read or watch TV; focus entirely on the meal. Try turning on some relaxing or meditative music to help you become fully present and in the moment.
  3. Mindful Eating. When we eat mindfully, we allow ourselves to chew slowly and savor each bite. Chewing slowly and thoroughly actually helps with the digestion process. Mindful eating also helps us recognize the body’s signals, helping us to stop eating when we are truly full and satisfied.
  4. Eating Balanced. There are many different ideas about what a balanced meal should consist of, so this is one simple formula to follow. Just ask yourself the following questions: Is there 15 or more grams of protein? Is there healthy fat? Is the food fresh and not processed? Does the meal satisfy three different tastes (or more)? [ The six different tastes, according to Ayurveda are: astringent, pungent, salty, bitter, sour, sweet).
  5. Extending Gratitude. Allow your meal to become a gratitude practice, where with each bite you extend loving kindness to those in the world without a meal to eat. Know that you are provided for. Feel the gratitude as you honor the meal, how it was grown, how it was transported from its harvest and onto your table.

These are principles we can follow at each and every meal, but setting aside a special morning each week for a Sacred Breakfast is an incredible start to the day!



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Day 6 & 7



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