4 Crystal & Flower Grids for Love

Here are four beautiful Crystal Grids for Love! I created these grids for you intuitively last week on one of the sunniest days of January, so they were also created with a lot of *love* 🙂 Hope you enjoy!


Self Love Grid


  • 1 Smoky Quartz or Morion Quartz (center)
  • 4 Small Quartz Points
  • 8 Mini Quartz Points
  • 4 Small Selenite Wands
  • 4 Rose Petals
  • 8 Red Flower Petals of any kind

The combination of these crystals is grounding and clearing, to release any limiting beliefs you might be holding within. The selenite serves to protect the vibrations of the grid, particlularly of the quartz (once they have been charged with your intention). Inclusion of the rose petals aids in self-realization, understanding, and confidence. This grid is excellent to use during or following an unexpected change of circumstance (such as a breakup, loss in the family, job change, sudden shift).


Passion Mantra Grid


  • 1 Red Rose (center)
  • 3 Red Rose Petals
  • 3 Red Leaves or Large Petals
  • 9 Mini Quartz Points

This grid is for igniting your romantic partnership, boosting the energy in your sexual relationship or sexual approach, and connecting more with your sensual / sexual side. This grid speaks in 3’s:  to the mind, body, and soul, and should be intended for use throughout one Full Moon Cycle once activated. When charging each quartz crystal, try using a three word mantra to further the magick of the number three.



Family Circle Grid


  • Celestite Cluster or Geode (Center)
  • 5 Small Quartz Points
  • Several Red Rose Petals

Celestite fosters strength and peace, and attracts love. It also opens the throat chakra and enhances communication. Charge each quartz with a different aspect you would like to enrich within your family unit, for example: 1) prosperity, 2) connection, 3) activity, 4) unity, 5) happiness.


Manifest Your Life Partner Grid


  • 1 Moonstone (center)
  • 8 Herkimer Diamonds
  • 4 Small Quartz Points
  • 4 Mini Spirit Quartz
  • Sea Salt or Epsom Salt (center and around the perimeter)
  • 4 Red Rose Petals
  • 6 Red Flower Petals of any kind

Moonstone balances male-female energies, so this can be useful in attracting a partner, whatever your sexual orientation. It is also the stone of “new beginnings”. Herkimer diamonds “attune people and links them together” (Judy Hall). Spirit Quartz carries the vibration of Universal Love, reminding you that love is always available to you with or without a partner.


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