Sacred Morning Challenge: Day 3 | Sacred Journaling

Good Morning! I hope your evening ritual bath was incredible, and that your first Sacred Waking went well. 

Today I want to share with you about Stream of Consciousness Journaling. But before we move on to prepare for tomorrow morning’s practice, let’s review the sacred waking steps. You will always go through these daily essential steps first and foremost. 

You will always want to allow an extra hour to two hours of time in your mornings to complete the daily steps, and add each new daily challenge after the daily steps have been completed. 

Remember this is an exercise, and that following the challenge I recommend keeping what feels right for you, rearranging steps where it feels best for you. 



Day 3: Sacred Journaling

Today’s variation is Stream of consciousness journaling — an invaluable practice that I learned from reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Margaret Cameron.   A form of meditation in itself, stream of consciousness journaling conditions us to transcend the mind and act from the guidance of the Higher Self, to extend inward to connect with the collective consciousness… allowing it to flow through us.

Your #sacredmorningchallenge today is to expand your journal practice (Step Number 7) and instead of writing a short journal entry, you will fill 3 pages. More if you feel compelled. Whether or not you think you have 3-pages-worth to say, fill three pages completely even if only to write, “I am writing to fill three pages.” Cameron refers to these entries as the morning pages. The Morning Pages are intended to become a daily part of your Sacred Waking. The purpose here is to let ourselves express freely, with no expectations of what comes out… just to ensure that you get something on the pages.

Maybe sometimes the morning pages will be artistic. Perhaps other times they will be a bunch of rubbish. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re committed to doing the writing. When we work to let out some of the mental clutter at the start of the day… guess what? We become fully integrated with the present moment. We create more space for focus, more space for absorption. You might be surprised at what you have to say. You might find new ideas hiding deep within. Or maybe sometimes the morning pages will be purely a vent session.

If you have Tarot or Oracle Decks, this can be a great practice in conjunction with your cards. Pull a card for the day and write out the message you receive in three pages.

Either way… three pages. Ready… set…. Sacred Journaling : )




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