Universal Mind Oracle Deck: Cards 4 – 10!

Choose a number between 4 and 10, then scroll to the card with that number and receive your message from the Universal Mind Oracle : )




This card is all about doors opening up when we choose to simply believe. And when we choose not to believe, oh… how it limits us! Whether this is about believing in yourself, someone else, a present situation, or an opportunity, now is the time to choose to believe.  In retrospect, there are times we have blind faith, acting on a whim without tuning into our intuition. These things can grab hold of our headspace and create attachments to outcomes that do not serve the greatest good. When we let go of those attachments, we create space within ourselves to overcome the fears that are buried within the subconscious mind.



When we let go of control, the answers we are looking for seem to come through all on their own. This card brings the energy of the sun, to remind us  that just like the perfect positioning of the Earth in relationship to the sun’s light, everything is as it should be. Even in the most challenging times there are lessons waiting to burst through and recharge our passion, creativity, and mindset.

Spending time in the sun can energize and uplift the spirit from any stale emotions or stagnant patterns you may have been experiencing recently.



Incorporating mindfulness practices into our daily lives, over time, helps us create stronger awareness. Awareness of our bodies, our environment, the body language of others. Mindfulness cultivates patience, kindness, and self control, and can be applied to everything we do! Like the hawks on this card…. mindfulness helps us become cautious, intentional, patient observers… to be mature in our decisions and graceful in our actions.

Slowing down while we chew during meals can help us notice when our bodies are telling us we are full. If you are a business owner, scheduling your posts on social media can really create an efficient workflow. Mindful cleaning in the home becomes a meditative practice and and act of honor towards your home as a sacred space. In what areas could mindfulness benefit you today?



This card brings a simple message, that you can expect safe passage in your present pursuit. This card can also suggest that sometimes safe / easy is not always best, and it may be time to step outside of your comfort zone. Doing so can open you to a wider perspective and enrich your life’s experiences!



To become love, we must first love ourselves and invest in building a strong relationship with the whole self (mind-body-spirit). We must self-forgive, and we must recognize all that we are grateful for. It is important to recognize that we become what we are surrounded by. What are you presently giving your energy to? Are you acting from a place of love? Are your actions motivated by the ego, fear, or a sense of lack?

When we become love and begin to extend it outward, the world becomes a magical cave of wonder… where even the darkest places seem to hold some strange, mysterious beauty. When we are love, we learn to appreciate differences, to change our language, to want to lift others up. What is the one step you can take in this moment, to become love? 

Taking a trip to explore caves or caverns can help you identify with those parts of your inner self which have yet to be fully understood. Spending time near a waterfall can connect you to feelings of purification and gratitude.


Devotion is dedication, perseverance, persistence. It is walking the path, staying the course. Through consistent practice, we become masters of what we do… and through this understanding of our craft we learn that our skills, wisdom, and techniques are applicable to many other areas of our lives. When we devote ourselves fully — even if this means admitting that yes, we could commit just a little deeper, work just a little harder — we allow ourselves to once again become the student. This is how we grow a dream to fruition, create solutions, go to the next level in a relationship, or learn to make adjustments where there didn’t seem to be any wiggle room at all.

Alternately, when we devote ourselves to situations or people that do not serve our highest good, we become energetically drained. This card suggests that devotion is needed or required at this time. This can also be an excellent time to prioritize.

Spending some time with the trees, or taking a nature hike in the deep woods is an excellent way to get clear on the best course of action.



The term ‘minimalism’ can be applied to many areas of our lives. Some examples of what this could mean for you now are: Eating more raw foods, minimizing the wardrobe, cleaning out closets, clearing out mental clutter, refining or simplifying plans, donating items that are no longer of use, or simply taking a day to spend in nature.

There is magic all around us, sometimes right beneath our noses like these tiny spring flowers. The best things in life are often not the picture we have created in our minds… many times what we need is less complicated than we think. When we choose to live with less clutter, less drama, less of the things we don’t actually need… we find that suddenly there is more time, more smiles, and more beauty in this life than we can even conceive of!


The Universal Mind 44 Card Oracle Deck will be available to preorder in Mid-March. Want to be the first to get a copy? Sign up here.


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