Cypress Essential Oil: History, Uses, and Benefits 

I have always felt a strange familiarity or connection with Cypress trees, since I was very young. My grandmother had a few along the side yard that marked the edge of the hill. When we would run off for hours to play in Nature, she would stand and yell for us next to them, at the edge of the hill…”Girls! It’s time to eat!”

And we would emerge from the riverbank.

I remember exactly how the trees looked in the early mornings, when we would stand and wait for the school bus. Sometimes laced with snow, other times embraced by fog, and on occasion twinkling with frosty magic.

As a teenager, I remember seeing Van Gogh’s Cypress paintings for the first time and feeling that same magical sensation coursing through me that I felt when I would admire the interesting energy of these trees as a young girl.

I took the photo of the Cypress trees (above) a few weeks ago, on a cold and frosty morning here in Ohio, several miles from our home.


Now, I have been working with Cypress Essential Oil recently. Why I waited so long to make this connection to the essence of these trees I am unsure, but it is an honor! I am just so worked up with excitement and gratitude that those feelings and memories have come full circle in my life and I am pulled to share the wisdom of these amazing trees with you.

“The Greeks used the wood of the Cypress to build statues of their gods. The Phoenicians built ships and houses from Cypress, while the Ancient Egyptians built coffins. It was the Ancient Egyptians that believed Cypress to be the tree of transition, especially from life to death. The scent of the wood and distilled essential oil was believed to calm the mind, and unearth fears that hinder transition and block change.”

Native Americans have also used the Cypress for carving boats.


Magickal Uses of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil assists with gaining insight to, and clarity about past life-form experiences. It is useful to use in spellwork or intention setting during times of transition, so it is an excellent oil to use in conjunction with New Moon or Full Moon energies (where we are sending away what no longer serves us).

It is used for protection, integration, and blessing.

Cypress Essential Oil Benefits

The essence of the Cypress offers an uplifting minty-spice scent that is also woodsy and grounding. It is useful in processing emotions brought on by loss and is a comforting companion during these times.

The oil stimulates feeling of belonging, inspiration, and unity. It is excellent to use to harmonize and balance the sexual-spiritual relationship with your partner. Try meditating on this connection while using the scent of the Cypress to guide you, or diffuse during sexual interaction with your partner to enhance the experience.

Cypress Essential Oil can help you break through mental blocks and open up your ability to “see” and “think” with the heart as opposed to the mind.


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