Six Steps to Connect With Your Inner Beauty

Beauty. It is uniqueness. It is self-aware. Experiencing true beauty is magnetic.

Pure. Magnetic. Beauty.

The kind of beauty that does not depend upon the physical. The kind of beauty that seeps through the pores of the skin. It’s different… it’s quiet. But yet, it seems to be screaming at you… that true beauty whispering from behind the soft glow of genuine eyes. You can feel the resonance of pure, untamed, wild beauty in the mere presence of a person who is enlightened to themselves. They may not even realize it when they are doing it to you, but… they silently and unintentionally command you to become captivated by their natural, energetic, beautiful beauty.

Here are Six Steps to connect with your own inner gorgeousness.


1.) Consistent hydration and whole, unprocessed foods. This simple change dramatically increases your self awareness and connection to the physical body. This is important, because once we become aware of our bodies… we begin to tune in to how our own spirit is affected by the way we choose to treat our bodies; choosing to treat the body with honor is the first step to connecting with the essence of your soul as it is delicately and intimately housed by the physical body.

2.) Creating Self Care Rituals. The next step is taking note of when you need extra attention, and honoring that need. Whether it is a long, hot bath filled with rose petals, an evening devoted to grooming your skin, nails, and hair, diffusing a special blend of oils during meditation, or taking the time to perform a Chakra balancing meditation… the time and effort you invest in yourself will start to transform the way you approach challenging people and situations, as you will notice yourself acting from a place of more grace, kindness, and understanding. The way you treat yourself is a mirror to your actions towards others.

3.) Quieting the Mind. However and whenever you can, devoting several minutes each day to meditate can open your mind to what is motivating you, how you want to act and speak, and also gives you insight to what you are proud of yourself for. It can inspire gratitude, and even forgiveness. Whether it is a daily meditation, an afternoon walk, or a drive through the country to reflect, quieting the mind can help you discover your deeper beauty.

4.) Consistent Self Expression Through a Creative Practice. As spiritual beings, we were born to create. When we nurture this innate calling to self-express, we find strength, confidence, and wisdom through our commitment to this exploration.

5.) Revise Your Language. As Dr. Masaru Emoto has found, the energy of words has a profound effect on matter. By creating an intention to speak from a place of love, we begin to mend and beautify the atoms of our physical, mental, spiritual, and ethereal beingness!

6.) Surround Yourself With Nature’s Beauty. When we take the time to marvel at the incredible planet and solar system which sustains our lives daily, we can’t help but notice those natural feelings of connectedness. Admiring nature can even inspire feelings of pure bliss, for example the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain and looking out across the mountaintops. We begin to carry these feelings of connection within ourselves, and the more we set out to have these kinds of experiences, the more beauty we cultivate within.

What is interesting about noticing our own inner beauty is the way it humbles us to who we are. One’s own beauty, once discovered, is not vain. It can be shocking, even. Confusing. Difficult to accept. But it’s there inside. And once you embrace it, you’re on your way. You begin to differentiate between ego and spirit, superficial and divine, fear and love.

Much like the pure vibration of love or light, there exists the pure vibration of the beauty of the spirit within oneself. And it is this very essence which is so easily forgotten, so easily broken, as it becomes buried in the layers our day-to-day.

This. It is your beauty. Yes, yours. It is there inside, glistening, calling out to be rediscovered.


Essential Oils to Facilitate this Connection: 

  • Thyme (Self Love)
  • Myrrh (Self Love)
  • Bergamot (Self Acceptance)
  • Grapefruit (Body Image)

Diffusing any of these oils during meditation where you are focused on the heart chakra can assist you with the discovery of your inner beauty. Focusing on the center of your chest, just quietly breathe and observe your being. Follow up with this practice by creating a journal entry to process the experience.


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