Crystal Collecting | Ohio Flint with Quartz

There aren’t many things more magical than spending time with the Earth. When you get to spend time with crystals in their natural environment, it is an awe-inspiring experience. 

To see the sun shining down on a hillside full of sparkling Quartz is unforgettable. 

Pictured here are two natural Flint crystals with crystalline Quartz deposits that I collected here in Ohio during the early Spring of 2016. Surprisingly there are several other crystal formations here in Ohio! Flint is our official gemstone, and it has many wonderful properties that I would like to share with you, especially since these particular formations aren’t often seen around social media.

Note: When collecting crystals please be mindful of any ethical implications. We do not have an economic supply, so I was mindful to collect only smaller pieces (these are about an inch and a half in length). 

This particular variety was formed by alternating bands of crystalline Quartz (the sparkly bits), microcrystalline Quartz (Flint, the non sparkly sections). Flint has been used in Native American cultures for making spears, blades, arrowheads, and jewelry, and for warding off negative spirits or energies. This crystal is very protective and useful in crystal healing to activate the energies of the other stones. It can also remove “stuck” energy  and balance the chakras. 

Flint can be used to ignite fire; on a spiritual level this is very significant to use in conjunction with goal setting and Love spells. 

 Crystalpedia states that “Flint facilitates a two-way energy flow — from the Earth up into the physical body and auric field.” Because of this, flint is used in channeling and harmonizing the aura with the physical body, which can better tune us into our intuition. 

  • Flint is associated with the Earth Star Chakra. 
  • Flint assists with astral projection and lucid dreaming 
  • Overall Flint is used to protect, guide, and stimulate. 

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