Citrine Point Meditation for Prosperity and Success

Today I want to share with you a meditation using the beautiful Citrine point. Working with Citrine has many benefits, including: boosting happiness, energizing, comforting, confidence boosting, inspiring generosity, recognizing abundance, and… manifesting success and prosperity, which is what we will be working on in this meditation.

What You Will Need: 


Steps to Perform This Meditation

Note: This is a standing meditation. I recommend performing this meditation outdoors, where you are able to have your feet on the ground, for maximum grounding. Whatever the weather, I encourage you to stand with Nature as a physical symbol of commitment towards your goals.

  1. Dilute 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil into a carrier oil, such as organic fractionated coconut oil or organic sunflower oil. You can also use Vegetable Glycerin for dilution. Using 1-2 drops of this mixture, place some on each temple, on the front of the throat, on the back of the neck, over the center of your Solar Plexus chakra (about 1-2 inches above the navel), and over the center of your Sacral Chakra (the pelvic area).
  2. Placing one Citrine point in your right hand, hold the crystal over the Solar Plexus, against the skin (or over your clothes is fine too).
  3. With the second Citrine point in your left hand, hold the crystal over your Sacral Chakra.
  4. Standing with feet hip width apart, paying Mind to keep the posture in alignment, hold the head strong with confidence. 
  5. Breathe calmly and evenly. Allow your lungs to fill completely and then release. With each inhale, allow yourself to visualize yourself achieving the success and prosperity you are working towards. 
  6. With each exhale, release any doubt associated with the steps you need to take. 
  7. Continue with this practice until you receive clarity on any next steps to take, course of action to pursue, or what to revise. Feel yourself filled with confidence and clear direction. 

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