The Mystic Fern 

The mystic evergreen ferns were loudly calling for my attention several days ago, and I couldn’t help but notice their vibrant green hue glowing amid the wintery landscape. 

While these ferns may appear fragile, they are incredibly hardy, able to withstand extreme cold and at the same time able to withstand periods of drought. In my opinion one of the most magical plants in the Northern forests. 

Their very presence is a powerful one, especially when seen peeking out from beneath tufts of snow, ripe with fervor and an air of determined persistence. 

Evergreen ferns are a symbol of infinity, and useful in Magick for warding off negative energies. Bring them into the home for cleansing and keep them on or near your altar to heighten your connection to the divine. 

You may even want to showcase their enchanting beauty by placing them in a frame and allowing them to dry there for a beautiful addition to your sacred space! 


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