5 Ways to Use MoonWater 

Today was an unusually warm day for January, and the clouds brought a heavy rainstorm. With it being the Full Moon in Cancer, this particular rain has a lot of unique vibrational frequencies to behold! I collected this small bit from a puddle for short term use so I won’t need to filter it. I am always so thrilled when it rains on the Full Moon! Of course, rainwater has a wide variety of properties and uses depending on how and where it is collected, but today I am going to focus on MoonWater specifically. 

If you want to work with Full Moon (or New Moon) infused rainwater, but it doesn’t rain, filtered water can be charged under a Full Moon. MoonWater carries with it the energy of the Full / New Moon.

5 Ways to Use MoonWater

1. Giving your crystals an overnight soak in MoonWater is an excellent way to cleanse and charge them. Set an intention and leave the crystals in the water for a crystal tincture to use when working with the Tarot, Meditation, or other forms of ritual work.

2. Moonwater is terrific for use in spellcasting, where purification or releasing / letting go is needed. 

3. Add moonwater to a hot bath for enhanced clarity and intuition. 

4. Consider the zodiac sign the Moon is in when your MoonWater is collected / created and what that sign has influence over. Use the MoonWater to enhance your self awareness in these areas by diffusing it with essential oils of your choice; use this method while journaling, meditating, yoga, or exerersicing your creativity. 

5. Prepare tea with MoonWater! Yes, what an excellent way to raise your vibration and connect with nature. Be sure to filter your MoonWater, and it is recommended to use fresh fruit peel or organic herbs when making your tea or elixir. I’ll be posting a MoonWater elixir recipe for you soon! 



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