Earth Energies: Six Degrees

The snow gets crunchy in six degrees, but it also sparkles more. And the earlier you’re there to greet the rising sun in these conditions, the richer the colours. There is so much stillness. 

In our human experience, we harden up like snow in six degrees when things become uncomfortable. It is because we are focused on the feeling of being uncomfortable inwardly and forget to have a look outside of ourselves.

When we enter into uncomfortable situations, we can choose one of two perspectives. We can choose to see discomfort, or we can choose to explore the unknown. 

When we decide that six degrees (or any other uncomfortable situation) is actually a rather beautiful and sometimes inevitable possibility, we automatically invite ourselves to experience magick. 

Our most enlightening moments come from consciously choosing to see beauty instead of pain, to choose loving the moment we are in instead of choosing to let ourselves become afflicted by our own distastes. Most of the time those distates are simply imagined. 

So then, why waste our time imagining things that keep us feeling trapped? Why not, instead, decide differently. 

2017 is about deciding differently, to bring us to the safety and security we are looking for. When we decide differently, the Universe responds differently. 

Let us take a chance. Let us dance in six degrees and see the sparkle of the world. Where the Universe invites us to exercise the power of the will of the Spirit within…. and how it can guide the physical and emotional bodies to soften, to calm, to center. 


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