Astral Love Potion

As an avid forager, particularly of wildflowers… I am always experimenting with different combinations for a variety of uses. This intuitive blend is best used as a bedtime meditation, as the red clover aids in inducing a dreamy sensation.

Astral Love Potion

So what do I mean by ‘astral love,’ you ask? This potion energizes the heart chakra and third eye chakra, and is enhanced by the calming effects of clover. It is ideal for consuming before entering into a meditative state where the focus is on self-love, loving kindness, or love towards one’s partner. It also naturally enhances our desire to connect with the Higher Self and can help us enter into a deep state of awareness where we are better able to receive insight on ways to strengthen our relationship (with self and/or others), and can aid us when setting intentions to shift relationship patterns. If you are adventurous, this is an *excellent* potion for experimenting with astral projection or lucid dreaming.

Recommended Use: 1 cup before bed over the course of 4-7 nights, in conjunction with visualization or meditation within one hour of sleep. Notice the physical tension melt away.

What This Potion is Good For: 

  • Enhancing sensations of love towards self and others
  • Assistance entering into a meditative or lucid state
  • Deep, focused intention
  • Opening the Heart Chakra + Third Eye Chakra


Benefits of Wild Rose (Dried or Fresh Petals)

  • Relaxing / Anxiety Reducing
  • Heart Opening


Magickal Properties of Red Raspberry

  • Strengthening Romantic Relationships
  • Love and Protection


Benefits + Magickal Properties of Hibiscus Flower

  • Opening the Heart Chakra
  • Recognizing / Seeing Beauty


Amethyst Benefits + Magickal Properties

  • Activating the Third Eye
  • Curing Nightmares + Insomnia
  • Attracting Love + Happiness
  • Balancing Emotions


Milky Quartz Benefits

  • Self-Actualization
  • Elevates Meditative States

How to Prepare:

  • Wash, cleanse, and charge 2 small amethyst crystals and 1 small milky quartz crystal
  • Blend 2-4 Red Clover buds, several wild rose petals (or organic pink rose petals), and 1/2 tsp hibiscus flower and place inside a mesh tea infuser
  • Rinse 1/8 C Red Raspberries
  • Place all ingredients into a mug


  • Pour 8oz boiling water over ingredients and steep for 3-4 minutes
  • Remove the tea infuser and the crystals, leaving the fruit
  • Consume the liquid and fruit
  • Follow up with a meditation + focused intention


Disclaimer:  Michelle Black does not provide medical diagnosis, or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues. Holistic healing is an alternative healing method, and although there is evidence that her practices are effective in treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by Western health care professionals.

Michelle is not a medical doctor and cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or wellbeing of your body.




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