Preparation for the New Year: New Moon Tarot Insight

Pre-Shuffle Intuitions

During shuffling for this reading using The WildWood Tarot deck I received a ton of intuitive messages… a sense of stillness and calmness came over me. This New Moon is definitely bringing with it a soothing, comforting energy. As we enter into 2017 with new goals and ambitions, it is going to benefit us all to keep in mind that being open and honest with ourselves will help us get to the heart of matters which we have allowed ourselves to overthink, or which we might have felt pressured to resolve before now.

Earth Energies + Insights

Despite the situations and challenges which have yet to “make sense” to us, there is an apparent warmth or obvious answer coming through… and with that, a sense of subtle acceptance in proceeding how we know is necessary. For some of you, there may be a hint of reluctance, but only because of the inner knowing that a completely new approach is necessary. Realize that any fears about not following through are simply thoughts, and not really fears at all. This is the stillness, the pause…. the moment between inner knowing and outer manifestation. Security and stability concerning home and family matters will be a big focus we are working to improve — for all of us in 2017.

Tarot Insight

This spread was created intuitively during the shuffling of the cards. The positions are read as follows:

  1. Something Revealed From an External Source: 9 of Stones | Tradition
  2. Something Acknowledged From Within: Queen of Vessels | Salmon
  3. Subconscious Motivation to Be Aware of: Page of Bows | Stoat
  4. How to Meet With Challenges in 2017: 10 of Bows | Responsibility
  5. How to Proceed in 2017: Queen of Stones | Bear
  6. How to Create Harmony in 2017: Queen of Arrows | Swan
  7. How to Stay Motivated in 2017: Two of Bows | Decision


Balance between structure and wild spontaneity will keep 2017 exciting and adventurous, while also keeping it organized for better use of time and resources. This year is about securing a strong foundation where we are in tune with the cycles and seasons — both of Nature and within ourselves. Mentors and teachers with strong spiritual discipline are admirable this year, and the correlation between stronger spiritual practices and the joy they bring to the spirit are more of a priority. Humans are waking up to the impact that consciously exercising a holistic lifestyle can have on our wellbeing, finances, and relationships. Mystical traditions will be more widely accepted and utilized in 2017, and inviting these past traditions into our modern experiences help us see the power and wisdom that is freely available to us all, when we choose to focus on it. Notice the wisdom all around you; find a teacher in every person you encounter.

We have been conditioned to feel that when things are going well, they must be “too good to be true,” and we even feel a sense of guilt when we are happy if others are suffering. On the extreme end of things, we might even try to convince ourselves that we don’t belong where there is goodness, happiness, and abundance. In 2017 there will be many lessons about belonging, and opportunities to choose to belong and to coexist with abundance. It is time to bring to light your worth and value, to discover and embrace your own rhythm, to allow your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love to be your greatest driving force — above fear. In 2017 we are learning as a collective to transcend the ego and become more connected to our Higher Self in every situation through the development of emotional maturity and virtuousness. Where are you leaving yourself open or guarded? What do you need to devote yourself to?

We will be compelled to extend loving kindness without a need for validation. When our need to feel accepted distracts us we stop acting with a pure heart and can even silence our intuition, causing the mind to become overanalytical. When we let go of this need to be accepted, we become more fully engaged in our lives and start to naturally attract people and situations where we actually experience support, rather than wondering who really does support us. When this starts to happen, we can devote ourselves fully to our passions and pursuits.

Throughout 2016, despite its hardships, twists, and turns, we now recognize the importance of committing to ourselves and to the goals we set out to achieve. In 2017 we graduate to the next phase to fully experience and express what stirs us from the depths of our souls…

“Sometimes the load feels heavy, but the task at hand may be vital for the greater good… not just for yourself,” ( Mark Ryan and John Matthews). In 2017 we notice how our actions, responses, and decisions are setting examples to others, and that there may be eyes and ears observing even when we aren’t aware of it. There is a certain element of empowerment that is gained with acceptance of responsibility, whether it means a commitment to sobriety, making a commitment which will benefit your family, or rising to a leadership position (whether it holds an actual title or not). When you rise to the occasion, people learn to trust and respect you on a deeper level. Will you be a leader, or will you crumble under pressure?

As a collective we are emerging out of our hibernation, longing to become fully awake, seeking to stand taller and more confident, learning to let go of our need to be defensive, and experiencing a sense of gratitude of the deepest kind. Bear’s position on the Wheel of the Year (Queen of Stones / Pentacles) is “approaching midwinter,” so this card can be taken quite literally in its symbolism! Bear is an ancient symbol of the power and protection of the land. We are to proceed in 2017 awakened to the richness and plenty that surround us.

“Your bounty and welcoming nature make you popular with all. Many depend on you, and your natural sensuality makes you powerfully attractive to others.” Preserve that which is valuable without clinging to it as a need, but rather as a gift of abundance which brings with it the experience of gratitude.

Because of what we’ve overcome in 2016, we are much more careful about wasting resources in 2017. What needs to be preserved?

As difficult as it can be to break old bonds or to face unpleasant truths, doing so will allow us to process those emotions and move forward. Allowing the sadness that accompanies loss to process will help us to further evolve, rather than trying to avoid or replace those emotions and causing the issues to be buried even deeper.

We can help ourselves stay focused and driven in 2017 by directing and managing the energy needed to achieve our goals. When making decisions, we need to be more direct and timely. Then once a decision has been made, it is beneficial to focus on one project and / or decision at a time. This is how we develop discipline… whether it is in business or personal endeavors, and discipline requires making a conscious effort. 2017 is about recognizing how enriching it can be to be more disciplined and that, ironically, it can open us up to more spontaneity and adventure because we are learning to use skillful harnessing and responsible management to reach our full potential.


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