Dishwashing as Loving Kindness

In our busy lives we tend to convince ourselves that there is little time for meditation or other forms of spiritual practice. As a result, our spiritual practices suffer. We feel distanced from experiencing our deeper magic and wisdom. We lose touch. But… we don’t have to; we can choose to rise above.

I have come to realize as I go deeper into awakening that there are endless opportunities for spiritual practice, an abundance of ways to nurture a deeper connection to ourselves and our loved ones, even through the simplest daily tasks.

For example, there is a peculiar sense of joy and fulfillment to be found in the act of hand washing, hand rinsing, and hand drying of dishes. It was actually determined through a recent study that dishwashing can be a useful form of mindfulness practice. Which is wonderful! But you can take this act of mindfulness practice a step further, even, and use the act of washing dishes as an opportunity to exercise your divine feminine. You can also use the act of dishwashing as an opportunity to extend loving kindness, and gratitude.


Dishwashing as Loving Kindness: In Practice

Observing the sound of the water in the present moment, extend an offering of gratitude to the clean water.

Each breath cycle becomes an offering of gratitude.

Noticing the attractive rainbow-iridescence of the bubbles, and the way they sparkle when the sun comes through the window. Observing the magic and beauty of this simple task is a meditative experience which connects you to your divine being.

With the rinsing of each dish, know that you have prepared each plate, cup, fork, knife, and spoon for the next person who will need it. Acknowledge this as an act of loving kindness, and extend gratitude towards yourself as you rinse, dry, and put each dish away for the next person’s use.


May we strive to acknowledge that in every instance there is an opportunity to exercise our highest and best self.

With Light,





4 thoughts on “Dishwashing as Loving Kindness

  1. I’m smiling 😆 with 2 memories. In 1972 I was taking an Old Testament class in Eugene Oregon. The professor was from Korea. One memory of that class remains vivid. For no reason I could remember, he began to talk about dishwashing as a meditation practice. You have completed the cycle. 🙌
    The other had to do with ritual trips to the woods and the cemetery with my teacher in Cuba. She insisted in cleanliness, and a jug of water to be taken. Why? someone asked, we’re going to get dirty. “Because you have to be clean to to approach the divine, and because the action brings you closer to them.”
    Thank you for the lesson, and for making me smile. Blessings,

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  2. Beautiful sentiments! I love what your teacher says about cleanliness and the divine…expressing care towards the self in the form of cleanliness is a show of respect for the body… the vessel which houses our mind and spirit. I think it is wise to honor that… looking and feeling our best inspires us to be our best, and alternatively when we actively and consistently nurture the spiritual self, it inspires much greater care and attentiveness to the physical body; grooming, caring for the skin, eating healthy foods… etc!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


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