Full “Cold” Moon Tarot Guidance for Each Sign

I’m so excited to bring you this reading for the Full Moon in Gemini. Communication, expression, and mindfulness are areas which will be affected for all of us collectively. This could mean making improvements in these areas for some, while for others it might mean these areas will be challenged. Have a look at your sign for the forecast from now and moving toward the new year (I’ll be posting a New Moon / New Year’s reading on the New Moon as well!)

I was pulled to share this quote with all of you, as a message for the end of the year:

“Let us cultivate our garden.” – Voltaire

What a lovely energy to encourage us for what is to come in 2017.

Now, here is some general insight for you, brought to you by The Universe 🙂


Capricorn: The Sun

The energy of the Cold Moon brings you four symbolic messages that will remain in play from now until the new year, Capricorn:

  • Orbit
  • Wings
  • Bright
  • Fire

You are not typically the center-of-attention, yet suddenly it feels as if you are at the center of the Universe. You are ripe with courage and strength and a particular sense of freedom is stirred within you as you spread your wings and glide along. Your keen sense of detail is useful to you now. Inspiration to speak your truth feels intense at times, as there are many layers and textures to situations, emotions, and relationships. The sun is positioned perfectly to sustain life on the planet; if it was any closer, the result could only be one of destruction. Thus, remember that despite the fire burning within you, getting “too close” to what you are drawn to can be destructive. Position yourself at a comfortable distance and watch as things flourish.


Aquarius: 3 of Cups

Aquarius, you are strengthening the foundation in a relationship or with your emotions, and opening up to new options. You will continue to notice alternative routes from here until well into the new year.  There is still something that needs your attention… something that you must let go of, so you can align yourself with your honest intentions. Put your love into these decisions and act from a place of love… especially with your words and reactions to others.

For some of you, the thing that needs to be let go of is within yourself.


Pisces: Page of Swords Reversed + 10 of Disks Reversed

Before you can advance and graduate to the next phase — be it a career position, schooling, a large purchase, or resolving an issue within your family… know that not everything can be strategically planned out… the next steps will just have to be worked through one at a time, with careful attention not to rush through it.

The new year often signals people to set new goals and resolutions. But for you, Pisces, the Cold Moon asks you to consider: Are you sure this is what you want for yourself? What is the deeper motivation?


Aries: King of Wands

See with love in your eyes, so not to come off too strong in your newfound level of certainty and confidence. The Universe is within you… allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, and cultivate a deeper and more meaningful spiritual practice. You are ready.

When something is questionable, remember to slow down and use the tools that are available to you to help you find the best way forward: crystals, books, contacting a friend, etc. The way forward for you now is a great honor and with the new year comes a great amount of responsibility and dedication. These are the traits of a leader.


Taurus: Queen of Wands

While shuffling the cards for you, Taurus, I got the sense that things have felt a bit jumbled for your recently. The good news is, you are coming into your personal power and can look forward to being contented by the inner wisdom you have gained, moving into the New Year.

Remember to stay soft and to honor your nurturing qualities as you work toward the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor. Remember that others are looking to you now, so you must take pride in that position and care for yourself… particularly your spiritual self. You can best serve others when you are healthy and self-aware.


Gemini: 10 of Swords Reversed

A new mindset is with you, Gemini. You are feeling a sense of strength and power. This is the completion of a cycle and graduation to the beginning of a new cycle. You are drawing attention to yourself and have earned the recognition you have worked so hard for.

As you proceed you’re kicking up the dust, and some are forced to watch from behind you as you become smaller and smaller in their sight. This is bittersweet for you both. However, those who are there to witness your arrival will be the ones you need, and can collaborate with. You are fresh with ideas and solutions!

Word of Caution: Take care not to revert back to habits which could hold you back from living up to your potential. Take nothing for granted.


Cancer: The Chariot


You know where you’re headed, and the forces of nature are practically pulling you right to it. You have all the support you will need; remember you are not alone and do not have to do anything alone. It is okay to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves when we choose not to let others share some of the load.

As you move into the New Year, Cancer, you will be getting back to your roots… letting the raw, real you emerge.

Advice: You are the best at leadership when you honor those around you as your equals, especially when overcoming challenges.


Leo: Judgment Reversed

Instead of jumping to conclusions, look carefully at how you are arriving at decisions and judgments.

Make your very best effort through all endeavors, for this is how you build integrity. It is important to think before speaking and to stay open to the ideas of others. Yes, you are an excellent leader, Leo, there is no doubt about that. Sometimes when we least expect it, a person comes along and challenges everything we thought we knew. This can be such a beautiful thing! The depth, wisdom, and talents of others around you are highly moving… you may even be drawn to a new philosophy or way of thinking. There is much to be learned from others at this time.

Energizing and balancing the root chakra will be helpful to prepare for big changes ahead. Remember: change is good!


Virgo: 4 of Wands

Energy That is With You: Growth.

You’ve reached the “breakthrough” where your soul feels on fire! A conscious awakening enlightens you to the eyes and ears that are watching and listening to what you have to say. These same eyes and ears are also paying close attention to your actions; be sure that your words and your actions match, because you are setting an example.

Your spark is contagious! Who should you thank for helping you? What will you do next? Take care neither to let yourself become blinded by your own light, nor to choke on the ashes of what is left behind.


Libra: Queen of Wands

You are in a very strong, humble and satisfied aspect, lovely Libra. You might not even recognize the level to which you’ve ascended to! Perhaps you have grown accustomed to handling things in a way which disguises your underlying wisdom, and this is likely to protect someone (or to protect yourself). Sometimes it’s right to be silent, to be humbled in your opinions.

And then there are times that we must take action.

Do so without compromising your integrity and find freedom in sharing your truth!


Scorpio: Queen of Swords

Using the power of your mind is key. Remove yourself from the hustle and bustle. Now is the time to plan for even bigger achievements.

Look for hidden messages in all situations. Be aware of body language. Use your analytical brilliance to show you which direction to go and how to navigate your way around the chaos.

You are in a safe place; allow yourself to soak up as much time with yourself as you need, but note the importance of managing your time.


Sagittarius: Queen of Swords Reversed

Words I received while shuffling:

  • Rhythm
  • Relax

Know that sometimes leaders need guidance. Allow yourself to find your own rhythm by letting go of certain ideas that you may be clinging too tightly to. Collaboration with others can be such an incredible, mind-opening experience! This is the way to move towards your goals in 2017.

You may consider seeking advice from someone more experienced than yourself, Sagittarius, as difficult as this may be. It is important not to act on a whim, and consider how your actions will affect others before proceeding.


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