Uplift + Connect With This Orange Peel & Clear Quartz Elixir

Orange Peel + Clear Quartz Elixir

What an amazingly energizing elixir this is, and the flavor is absolutely wonderful. It leaves you feeling alert and energized, yet calm and centered. This is an excellent substitute for coffee as well. In fact, it produces the same effects as caffeine, only without the increased heart-rate that caffeine can cause. Since this elixir can also reduce blood-pressure and anxiety symptoms, it’s perfect for anyone who is sensitive to the effects of caffeine. The infusion of quartz crystals adds an extra special element of magick, since you can infuse them with whatever intention you are trying to amplify.

Recommended Use: Consume 1-2 times daily, every other day for up to 2 weeks. Notice the immediate benefits… clarity being the one I particularly notice the most!


What this elixir is good for: 

  • setting and amplifying intention
  • improving mood + focus
  • activating the crown chakra
  • boosting your sex drive
  • energizing
  • getting clarity
  • peace of mind


Orange Peel Benefits: 

  • glowing skin
  • energizing
  • boosting immunity
  • enhances libido


Clear Quartz Benefits

  • amplifies energy + thought
  • strengthens your auric field
  • activates the crown chakra + soul star chakra, thus enhancing your intuition


Aromatherapy Benefits:

  • soothing to the mind for focus
  • reduces anxiety
  • uplifts + soothes

How to Prepare: 

  • Wash, cleanse, and charge 3 clear quartz crystals
  • Wash and peel one orange, reserving half of the peel for later use
  • Place the orange peel and quartz crystals in the bottom of a mug
  • Pour 8oz of boiling water into the mug.



  • Allow to steep for 5-6 minutes
  • Remove the orange peel, but leave the crystals in the bottom of the mug
  • Add sweetener of your choice and stir
  • Consume carefully! The crystals tend to stay at the bottom of the mug while you’re drinking the elixir


I hope you enjoy this elixir! I would love to hear your experience with this, so please come back and share the results in a comment below 🙂

Disclaimer:  Michelle Black does not provide medical diagnosis, or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues. Holistic healing is an alternative healing method, and although there is evidence that her practices are effective in treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by Western health care professionals.

Michelle is not a medical doctor and cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or wellbeing of your body.


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