Balance Your Chakras Using Your Own Voice

Balance your 7 primary energy centers by using this exercise. I have been using this for years and have recommended it to several clients in the past! I find that it works exceptionally well… especially on those days where we need extra focus or know that we have a lot to do.


1. This is most effective to use at the start of your day, preferably on waking after you have hydrated (with 8-16 oz of water).

2. Choose a quiet, private place to do the exercise.

3. As the video moves through each chakra, concentrate on the color and its corresponding energy center in the body. Yes, for this one, you will keep your eyes *opened* to focus on stimulating the senses by concentrating on the color of each chakra.

4. I follow along with the chant as closely as possible throughout. Notice that this will cause a subtle vibration in the physical location of each corresponding energy center… it is so interesting! I was amazed the first time I started using my voice to help balance the chakras.

5. You’ll be amazed at how energized, calm, and clear you feel following this exercise!



*Featured Image by Unknown Artist



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