Tarot Guidance Dec 4 – 10, 2016 – All Signs


Energy of the Week: Priestess

“You are the reflecting pool – a mirror to others.” This is a time to get in touch with your moon sign. If you don’t know your moon sign, you can get a Natal Chart Report on http://astrologycafe.com. Allow the imfluences and aspirations within your subconscious to become clear within your awareness. The truth is already within you. Focus only on what and who moves you forward toward the light of that truth.

How can I Achieve This? Ten of Swords

You have already arrived. Now is the time to embrace that, and in light of all the hardships you’ve come through: do not let yourself collapse… for this is victory! “Pain is a touchstone of spiritual progress.” Now is the next phase, time to graduate into a more mature version of what you’ve been before. This is going to mean many things for many different kinds of people. But the message is clear. The sun has set behind you and though the journey to the top of the mountain was long and strenuous — you. have. arrived! There are lessons to behold from this higher, wider perspective. And you know you can never go back to that old way of thinking, it just doesn’t work for you know. You can rest now, love. This is not to be done in haste, but rather a calm preparation to continue. Stronger. Wiser.


Recommended Crystal

Raw fluorite for mental order and clarity.

Essential Oils

I have found myself drawn to peppermint and niaouli, and they have, for me, spawned memories of healing from sickness as a young child, that feeling of knowing you’re on your way to recovery.

Have a blessed and wonderful first full week of December!


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