Decorating with Magic

I often bring home little treasures when I spend time in Nature. These little gifts end up becoming decorations in our home!

There is a certain life and energy that is given to a space when a living piece of an experience is placed within it.

The plate is a gift from a close friend who is spending the winter in Nova Scotia, the leaves were gathered during a 10 mile meditative hike, and the beautiful branch is from the forest floor in a hidden grove of Pine Trees.

Making sentimental decor a priority in your home  can connect you more to your space, and to yourself. It is a way to honor your relationships and experiences, and a reminder of the vast abundance we are a part of. The more you add this sort of magic to the home, the less you desire for material possessions that just don’t matter so much.

What are some of your most cherished sentimental gifts?


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