20 Things to Be Grateful For: A Written Meditation for Restoration


The Emotion of Gratitude

When I sat down to write this list, my intention was merely that — to write a list and reflect a bit on the things I have to be grateful for.

But something magical happened. 

I spent about an hour an a half not only preparing this list, but meditating on each ‘thing’ individually… as well as meditating in between each ‘thing.’ When I was finished, I sat there in astonishment for awhile at how much time had actually passed.

The Emotion of Gratitude is subtle and warm as it directs its arrow straight into the center of your heart. The Emotion of Gratitude gently carves an opening through your soul that leads all the way to the stars. The Emotion of Gratitude plants a seed. 

Are you ready?

Written Gratitude Meditation: The Steps

It is important to perform this written meditation in a space where you will not be interrupted. I recommend turning off all technology and meditating without music.

  1. Select something to write on, something special that is pleasing to the senses.
  2. Select something to write with. A pen or a crayon, even.
  3. Allow yourself to connect with the utensil and the paper as you create a title for your list, and the numbers 1-20. Be as creative as you’d like and as expressive as you feel you need to be in this moment.
  4. Close your eyes and breathe. Allow yourself to remain silent as long as needed. Allow the things you are grateful for to come to you, rather than you searching for them.
  5. Open your eyes only when you feel you are ready to write, one line at a time.
  6. Connect with the word or phrase you as you write out each line, closing your eyes again between each line you write. Notice how your breath slows and deepens as you allow yourself to become lost in The Emotion of Gratitude.
  7. Meditate on what you’ve written and notice any messages coming through before moving on to the next number. Allow yourself to be silent and present.
  8. Remember to only open your eyes when you are certain of the words that have found their way to you. Many things will come to mind… but notice the ones which seem to call out to you.
  9. Take your time, and notice the emotions. Notice the messages, the lessons, the clarity. Notice the abundance you feel.
  10. When you have completed the list, leave your eyes open. Review each number, one by one.
  11. Note changes in your breathing. Check the time and reflect on how time seems to stop as you perform this exercise.
  12. Follow up this meditation with a journal if you’d like, or simply enjoy the healing effects of the exercise.

© Michelle Dawn July 2016


If you complete this exercise and would like to share the experience with friends, I encourage you to upload a photo of your list to any social networking site and tag with #EmotionofGratitude so they can join in. By the way, I’m @forestandcrow on Instagram and Pinterest if you’d like to tag me so I can see the beautiful work you’ve done for yourself! And as always…. thank you for your presence 🙂




8 thoughts on “20 Things to Be Grateful For: A Written Meditation for Restoration

  1. Gratitude for sharing your light. Today, someone posted, is International Gratitude Day.
    I decided to thank some folks dear to me. Your idea is so wonderful that I will do it this weekend.
    An excellent review of the state of our soul.
    The second day in a row your light has had an impact.
    Thank you.


      1. You’re welcome…and I tried it out…I got images/sensations of vanilla (?!? LOL), an old-timey well, utter blackness (that was comforting, and a very affectionate, friendly green snake…


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