Full to Waning Moon | Work-Life Continuum

The work we perform encompasses a large part of our lives. Working allows us to provide for our families, to create and express, and opens up opportunities to make a difference in the world. I’ve been thinking about how wonderful it is to be able to work; the ability to choose how I work and the value in what I’m investing my time into. When our work falls out of alignment with our values, and when we become overworked, it takes a toll on our emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical health. This can immensely affect our lives.

The same holds true when we experience too much down time. It can cause us to completely shut down or not see things for what they actually are. Too much down time can lead to ungratefulness, which is also harmful to the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

“Painting pretty pictures over the not so pretty truth will not change things- but getting stuck in apathy or depression or anger because of the reality of things also won’t change things.

“We are called to instead find a middle point- a place where we can see what is and still stay motivated to create what can be.”

From Divine Harmony: Full Moon in Capricorn

What it comes down to is this: work and life are one in the same. As conscious beings of this Earth, we are meant to live meaningful lives. This means even when we are not “working” per se, the way in which we spend our time should still contribute to our growth and wellbeing. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to consciously and intentionally create a meaningful existence.


“Spirituality is a process of rediscovery, and with Saturn square Neptune we can’t afford to keep our divine identity separate from our earthly one.

From Jessica Shephard: Capricorn Full Moon: Wisdom Nature


The Cards & Their Positions (Left to Right)

  1. Work | 9 of Disks: “Work” is truly a gift and an honor. To be able to flow in our service and create an energy which serves others as well as ourselves. We have approached the end of a cycle where something must change. As the Moon moves into the waning phase, there is a feeling of being in between worlds. Perhaps success is not happening (or cannot happen) in the way you thought it would, even though success is inevitable. Staying grounded in your divine identity can help you redefine “success” — this is something you’ve done before and will do again many times. Take care not to exhaust your resources in order to “sit on top of the world.” While hard work and dedication can and will provide material wealth, it should also be harmonized and expressed through our values.
  2. The Moon | 8 of Swords: Calming and regenerating the mind through rest where rest is needed is important at this time. Remember that rest is healthy and is not the same as giving up. Rest should always be for the purpose of restoration, rather than avoidance. What needs to change before continuing? Are you prepared to enter? What is the first step once you enter?
  3. Home | 6 of Cups: Where you may have felt a sense of drowning, now you can begin to emerge with recognizable traces of a metamorphosis occurring. The energy now inspires us to push through barriers. More than just reaching or trying to grasp hold, this will require you to take with you all of who you are, with every emotion, no holding back, knowing what is right and best for you. Rather than allowing your work to drown out your emotional health, spiritual health, mental health, and relationships, begin to allow these perceived “worlds” to ebb and flow into and out of one another. You cannot be whole without giving attention to all aspects of who you are. Each of these aspects is necessary and influences the others.



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