End of April Tarot Guidance For All Signs: Mercury Retrogrades


While I had planned to use The DruidCraft Tarot for these readings at the park after work today (Monday the 25th), I left for work this morning without bringing the deck along. I felt very strong significance in that; I had two other decks with me so I worked with the Mary-El Tarot for 11 signs. (I did use DruidCraft Tarot for Sagittarians when I arrived at home this evening, it sort of just happened that way and so I trust that it was the appropriate course for you guys.)

To close out the month, I’m using a single Strength card for each sign. Since we are entering into a period where Mercury will retrograde from April 28th – June 7, 2016, with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto already in retrograde, I find it important to single out our strengths. I strongly suggest looking at the card I have pulled for each your Sun and Moon sign. Right now is an important time to connect with your Moon sign to better understand and work with your unconscious influences.  If you do not know what your Moon sign is, I recommend this free Natal Chart system. It’s very very important to know your exact birth time as it can throw off where the position of the planets were at the time of your birth.

The Moon will enter the signs of Capricorn (April 26th), Aquarius (April 29th), and Pisces (May 1, 2016) this week; thus, the first 3/4 of the week is a great time to manifest practicality and structure. The end of the week will feel a bit more romantic and creative. With the Mars and Mercury retrogrades also happening, the energy of the Moon this week lends some pre-cautious for all signs: to review your plans carefully, to make copies of important digital files, to be cautious in your expressions and communications — especially on social networks — and to be aware of self-deceptive tendencies.



Capricorn, your strength card is the Page of Disks. This week, take care to nurture self and others with gentleness, patience, and flexibility. While you may be feeling wildly energetic, remember to rest. A new sense of security has been born; you have moved through a challenging cycle and can step forth into a period of wonderment as you marvel at the gift of life. Even in this time of celebration, nourish what is sacred so that you may grow to be even stronger and wiser. The warning element that the Page of Disks brings is not to be naive in your pursuits, particularly with family, relationships, and career or higher education.



Aquarius, your strength card is the 4 of Swords. This week is about perspective and looking at the bigger picture. How does each aspect of the present situation affect the other? Your thoughts may tend to drift along like clouds this week. If there is something polluting your thinking, now is the time to pinpoint what those things are; they can only disempower you if you let them. Your attitudes and expressions are affected by your thinking. You are building momentum, although it may feel quite the opposite. Lemon water or ginger tea at the start of the day will refresh you more than coffee =)



Pisces, your strength card is The Chariot. This week, consider what your motivations are and whether the direction you are headed is aligned with your deeper values. Is there something you should tend to before proceeding? There is no doubt you are ready to take new strides. Just be sure that your mind and spirit are on the same page, and that you are on the same page with others if there are people involved in this venture. For some of you, there is a need to move forward independently. Remember that it is okay to ask for help where help is needed.



Aries, your strength card is the Queen of Disks. Your resources are plentiful, and you recognize which of them are best suited to your character. You are becoming masterful within your career and relationship pursuits because you seek environments which support your inner workings. It is easier to single out what complements your efforts so you can concentrate them appropriately. Don’t give up too soon, however, if something doesn’t resonate right away. Remember that long-term success in any area requires dedication, and challenges are simply part of the conditioning process.



Taurus, your strength card is the 4 of Disks. You’ve entered into unexpected terrain which requires strong footing. Be cautious about what is influencing you as you proceed. Some of you may be dealing with a past issue that was not fully handled; a past family struggle or a financial matter may need to be tended to. If this is something that has come up repeatedly, look for the deeper message. You are able to get a sense of place from more of an outside perspective — perhaps there is imbalance between workload and home life. With gratitude at the forefront of each action, you can maneuver yourself quite nicely.



Gemini, your strength card is The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man sometimes gives off an eerie vibe to those not familiar with Tarot meanings; I assure you there is nothing to fear. Your greatest asset at this time will be to pause… or to wait. However this occurs for you, it is necessary to trust the process. If you feel the suspended movement is forced, perhaps there are details you’ve missed before now. It is truly a time to think before speaking and rehearse before acting. Which approach is the best? What impression will you make?



Cancer, your strength card is The Moon. In the shadowy blues of night, what does the light illuminate? What stands out? What is obscured? What needs to be revealed? For some of you, there could be a sense of guilt or self-doubt with regard to what you have been thinking or feeling. If you are sensing that someone has been deceptive, trust your instincts. It could be tricky if you decide to confront this person so be certain before you do so. If you have done something in secret, it is always best to come forward with the truth — especially if it can help the situation. Working to open the throat chakra can help you express what you need to.



Leo, your strength card is The Wheel of Fortune. The winds of change have arrived, and anything is possible now. While we don’t always have control over what is happening around us, we do have control over how we respond to situations and environments. The Wheel of Fortune is all about having an open mind; while you love to lead the way, sometimes leaders need to be shown new possibilities. Since you often concern yourself with planning the next big thing, be willing to bend and flex with others’ ideas and/or input. It is easier to move forward when we do not resist. When Mercury turns retrograde, flexibility will be your greatest asset.



Virgo, your strength card is The Devil. This is another card that tends to provoke fear, but I assure you that no card in The Tarot is meant to be feared. The Devil card in this particular instance sends a clear message to simply be aware of what your temptations are so you can intentionally work around them, especially if you have recently made a conscious choice to change something that was no longer working for you. Healthy lifestyle alternatives, inspirational people, time spent in Nature, loving relationships, and pure intentions are the keys to your personal success. Work with your sixth-sense and do not allow your judgment to be clouded. Keeping fresh lavender nearby can soothe your tension. Holding Amethyst on the center of your brow during meditation can sharpen your intuition.



Libra, your strength card is the Knight of Swords. With the speed and focus of a cheetah, you have worked to develop a mindset that is incredibly determined; you are certain about the direction you want to go. A transition has been made from the planning stages to putting plans into action. While this card brings the energy of the Knight, I also feel that eyes are on the seat of the throne; you are working towards “royalty” here in some shape or form… to become the highest and greatest person you can become. It will be to your benefit to release some of this mental drive through a vigorous physical activity, perhaps in the form of running or intermediate hiking. Otherwise you could experience interrupted sleep, irritability, or mood swings. You are truly coming into who you are, and not letting anyone or anything distract you. Be cautious not to jump into commitments you aren’t able to follow through with.



Scorpio, your strength card is The High Priestess. You are experiencing a culmination of energies which have allowed you to express yourself in new ways. You are particularly guided by your core beliefs and passions which are magnified now. A new version of you is emerging which at times causes you to feel alienated from others; you are drawing attention from new personality types which triggers contemplativeness. What are you projecting? What is your message? You are learning the difference between what is superficial, and what is truly authentic. Your intuition is your strongest asset at this time; feel out new relationships and be cautious not to let others take advantage of you.



Sagittarius, your strength card is the Queen of Wands. It is an excellent time for this card to show itself to you as you are strongly seeking to sow new seeds; you are thoroughly prepared. The struggle is over and your apprehensions have subsided, yet this does not mean there won’t be challenges ahead. The Queen in this deck (DruidCraft) certainly appears to be of royal esteem, yet we can see that she is dressed both for fashion as well as for practicality. The warning element that comes with this card is to move forward without regret and to tame the ego; sometimes guilt can fuel the ego, causing one to cling to his / her sense of pride which can overshadow the deeper, Higher Self. Another important characteristic of the Queen is that she listens to those she oversees; she seeks to nurture and protect in all pursuits. May you seek to nurture and protect without being rigid or demanding in doing so.


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