Full Moon in Scorpio: Conscious Transcendence

Happy Earth Day, beautiful kindreds!

April’s Full ‘Pink Moon’ in Scorpio is the smallest Full Moon of the year, yet no less intense. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Mars, which turned retrograde back on the 17th, so this Scorpio Moon presents even more challenges. When this planet turns retrograde, expressions, pursuits, and emotions can be expected to go through a learning curve in which one must transcend previous patterns to rise to a new level of self-awareness and personal integrity. The challenges we’ve been dealing with this month are highly emotional in nature and bring a lot of apprehension, but they are breakthrough-worthy because most of us already know what we need to do. We do have the added support of the Sun in Taurus to balance out Scorpio’s high intensity; Taurus’s energy is grounded, helpful, and ambitious. My son is a Sun in Scorpio so I am very familiar with the expressions of this sign; highly emotional on both ends of the spectrum, passionate, difficulty concentrating/easily distracted, in pursuit of what stirs the emotions, somewhat harsh in dealings with negative emotions whether towards self or others, changeable interests but very dedicated to present interests, likes to please or entertain others. If you’ve been experiencing challenges in any of these areas, welcome to the energy of Scorpio. You can be glad to know that the next two weeks moving towards the New Moon in Taurus are an excellent time to consciously balance out your mental and emotional states to realign your spirit with the physical body and physical world. If you’ve been “living in your head”, having difficulty with decisions, experiencing disrupted sleep patterns, or noticing buried emotions that have risen to the surface over the last two weeks, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Full Moon: Nature Guidance

Weather: Drizzle, Overcast Sky, Intermittent Showers, Sun trying to peek through
Medicine: Toad, Violet
Caution: Bramble


My walking meditation leading up to this reading was continuously interrupted by ticks, bees, norseflies — just a general feeling of interruption. There was a constant underlying message of looking out for what could potentially harm me. Translating this to a broader message: it is important as we move forward from present challenges to recognize what is harming us and then choose consciously to overcome it, rather than retreating back into some former comfort-zone. Avoidance prolongs transformation by limiting our opportunities, causing us to stay stuck in the mind. I’d also like to state that this was the shortest walking meditation I’ve done in order to receive the messages I felt that were necessary to convey, which I believe is very relevant. When all we’re doing is think-think-thinking, fixated on our emotions, time is passing us by. Yet, when we actually get out there and push ourselves in a direction — any direction — we gain new insights, new experience. When you’re willing to move yourself in a direction, you’ll find relevance in your past experiences and present knowledge, and you can build upon that.

With the sun trying to peek through during the entire reading, despite the rain, I sense that there is an emerging maturity in an area which has been developing over a period of months, or even years for some of you.

Toad showed up during the walking meditation: he is a symbol both of death and life, a representation of Moon and her energies, he encourages us to draw upon our inner resources, he encourages us to stop hesitating and act now. Toad is also a symbol of luck. The Universe couldn’t be more clear. What a perfect message for us at this time =)

The comfort-zone is no longer working, and we are aware of it. In fact, we’ve been aware of it for quite sometime. Will you choose to act and rise to a higher level of consciousness, or will you choose to play it safe and risk stagnation?

Violet really stood out to me, having been kissed with raindrops and looking magical. I love how you can see her veins, such a tiny flower with even tinier inner-workings — a reminder that we are all supported by complex, automatic internal processes which are not visible to the naked eye.

Violet is the flower of purpose, her color ties into the Ajna [or Third-Eye] chakra and calls us to sharpen our sixth sense, violet soothes our emotions.

A nearby section of bramble seemed to be calling out to me. The texture of the twisted vines — just another expression of nature’s artwork. As I came closer and began to draw upon its energies, I realized what it was trying to tell me. With this being such an intensely emotional time, whether you are experiencing it in a positive or negative way, letting only emotions guide the way can tangle your perceptions. Now is the time to step outside of the emotions and listen from a deeper place, the place where the Higher Self / inner knowingness connects to Universal Mind to nurture our values, deepen our sense of self, and guide our actions. While we sometimes can’t change our emotions, we can come to an understanding about the nature of our emotions and choose to not allow them to control us.

The Full Moon: What to Release

Here are some soul-prompts to help you with releasing what is no longer serving you so that you can restore harmony to the Mind-Body-Soul triad. The prompts are significant to the present cosmic energies as well as to the overall message I received during communion with Earth and the Tarot.

  1. What is your comfort-zone? How would you describe how it makes you feel?
  2. How does it feel when you think about stepping outside of your comfort-zone?
  3. What is the first step you can take to release yourself from your comfort zone?
  4. What is something you can commit to doing today that is outside of your comfort-zone?
  5. What are the beliefs associated with your comfort-zone?
  6. What are the beliefs associated with stepping outside of your comfort-zone?
  7. How can you build upon the stores of inner resources and experiences that you now have with regard to the direction you want to go?
  8. What is something you can share with someone else that you would typically consider to be yours alone? (This could be something material, it could be a way in which you like to spend your time, a personal hobby, or something that brings you joy / comfort.)
  9. How can being more giving of yourself open you to new experiences and knowledge?
  10. Is there anything you are protecting yourself from as you take more deliberate strides forward?
  11. What is the word which best summarizes what you need to release at this time?
  12. What is the word which best summarizes what you are moving towards at this time?


Tarot Guidance: The Mind-Body-Soul Triad

The Positions

  1. Mind: Two of Cups
  2. Body: Eight of Wands
  3. Soul: Strength

Just a quick note: I’m expanding upon my former approach of giving full definition to each card in its position, and instead writing out a creative interpretation of the Tarot’s message as a whole. While I will continue to tie in the individual meanings of each card, I’m experimenting with condensing the overall messages into key points. This allows the writing to flow, as I can refer back and forth to cards as needed.

The Message

A healthy relationship to self and others is best balanced through nurturing the physical body through diet and exercise, as well as nurturing the spiritual self. This is an important time to strengthen the spiritual self through ritual, meditation, or spending time with the Earth Mother. This is what will lay the foundation for inspiring healthy food choices and physical routines. The 8 of Wands being in the Body position tells me that most of us already have a wealth of knowledge about what works and what isn’t working with regard to our routines. This is the time to clear up any distorted perceptions of the body and begin to nourish it, not just feed it. Eating in and of itself can be a ritual which lends to our spiritual growth and sense of personal awareness. The practice of offering the body what it needs will bring rejuvenation to both the mind and emotions. We know that hydration is important for mental clarity; consider purchasing a water bottle and keeping it with you, or committing to drinking a full glass of water before and after each meal. Allow nourishing the body to be a celebration of life, for the better care you give to yourself physically, the healthier your mind will be; The healthier your mind is, the more balanced your emotions and relationships will be; The better care you give to your spiritual self, the more you will want to nourish the body, and so flows the Mind-Body-Soul triad. Each facet of the triad influences the other… even beyond balance, this is about integration. Let’s say you have equal amounts of water, food, and books in terms of weight. Each is going to nourish you in some way. But it isn’t enough that the weight of each balances out with the other; to get the best use of each, you will have to determine how much of each is necessary to sustain your healthy vibration. You will need to notice when you aren’t getting enough of one thing, or too much of another, so that you can replenish each accordingly as you use them. In the same way, we need to be consciously aware of how much we are offering to each facet of the Mind-Body-Soul triad, and conscious about what uses up our resources and creates imbalance. Allow yourself to see with the third-eye / sixth sense as you learn about becoming a more harmonious version of you.

This Full Moon urges us to move out of our comfort-zone and to move towards what we know is healthy — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is moving towards a deeper understanding of how each facet of the Mind-Body-Soul triad effects the other as we embark upon a new stage of growth. We are approaching completion of yet another cycle which will require incredible strength, endurance, and dedication. Mars remains in retrograde until June 29, 2016 — He rules ambition and drive. So we can resolve to take conscious control now and overcome what we have been avoiding.

This spread illustrates incredible growth potential, especially in relationships and spiritual development / personal awareness, but not without an intentional step forward. This is important so that we can have the support we need as many of us will pursue new endeavors, and others will need to refine skills.


Best wishes to all of you as we move toward the month of May! I hope you have had a wonderful Earth day and were able to connect with our planet in one way or another.


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