Lessons From This Morning’s Sunrise

Lessons from sunrise this morning:

1. Motion. Nature is in constant motion; therefore we are creatures of motion and action. At this time, choose to act, to realize that you are in a state of constant state of forward motion, and this is your power.

2. Dimension. The world is soft and mysterious before the light emerges. Yet once the sun graces the Earth we see the depth and dimension of what is around us. Kindling your inner light will give depth and dimension to your thoughts, actions, and expressions.

3. Commitment. Time is not a real thing, it is a construct; our human concept of “time” seems to stop when we are fully present in Nature. When this deep communion takes place, we can obtain important insights about our purpose, about our choices and direction. It sharpens our intuition and enhances all of the senses. We must commit to spending time in communion with Nature in order to allow ourselves to align with Her; you will become more pure of heart the more you nurture this connection, as you begin to notice the innate qualities within yourself which seek to express Her (Nature) beauty.

4. Comfort. There is no comfort greater than being conscious that we are conscious. When we intentionally seek connection to the Divine, it can be as simple as sitting quietly with Nature; She reminds us that life is precious and we become conscious of all that is precious to us.

For me, each sunrise is an embrace, a gift of wisdom, and a celebration of life.

Have a beautiful Wednesday =]


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