Earth Energies

The lessons that nature offers are the greatest gifts one can ever receive. I’m so grateful for that ♡

Yesterday I found one of the best trails in the area. When merged with the other two it connects with, it extends over 42 miles. I hiked a teeny 2 miles in a LOT of mud which slowed me down, but I was also reading for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus along the way.

During the hike back to my car, I was able to spend some time setting intentions for myself. There is something about doing this in the forest that brings answers very quickly.

Whether I am reading cards or simply enjoying a hike, it is always an opportunity to reconnect to self, Mother Earth, and The Universal Mind at once.

Caterpillar, Spider, Crow, and Deer were strong presences yesterday — particularly Spider who showed up during 3 of the 5 spreads I did — each at a different location.

Each reading is done in a different location to connect with energies that are appropriate to each spread. While walking, I meditate on the specific zodiac sign and take note of any sounds, circumstances, weather shifts, visuals, emotions, words, or instincts that come up / stand out. This helps tremendously with the interpretation of the cards, as well as connecting with the energy of each star / moon / rising sign. I admit that sometimes I get caught up in the energies during walking meditation and prolong the amount of time taken to consult with the Tarot, but I do prefer to take my time with your sign(s).

If I am performing multiple spreads I recharge the cards and crystals in direct sunlight, laying the cards directly on the Earth for at least 10 minutes between each spread. Typically while the cards and crystals are charging I take some time to offer gratitude for the messages, and for the time I am able to spend with each/your sign(s).

  I choose whatever surface I am drawn to when laying out the cards. I prefer to read near water for Water signs, in more open areas (fields or clearings) for Air signs, with sunlight or large rock structures for Fire signs, and pretty much anywhere for Earth signs. Whether it’s the roots of a tree, soil, stone, grass, flowers, snow, etc… the energies provided by Mother Earth are necessary and unique to your reading.



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