4.5 mile Walking Meditation

I started pulling cards for the first two weeks of April today! Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius were the four signs I connected with today, and you are all just so lovely. Note: these will not post until next weekend, along with the remaining 8 signs.

The weather was perfect for a nice moderate 4.5 mile walking meditation around the lake today, where I chose unique spots to lay out each spread. There aren’t many things I love more than hiking and Tarot πŸ™‚

Β Β 

I’ve been using this book (above) by Ruskin Bond to open each reading with a message, similarly to using oracle cards. I may continue to use this method; it just feels really nice to pull in wisdom and insight from others when I’m conveying the messages that come through. It is both humbling as well as enlightening. The page pictured above is part of the reading for Virgo April 1-17th, so consider it a sneak peek for you Virgo beauties.

I got sprinkled on during the meditation and it felt wonderful. It is essential to take in whatever nature has to offer as She has lessons of her own to share.

I walked the last mile in a soft rain, only to end up on a hillside full of little violets where I completed the final spread of the day for Sagittarius. It was fitting to be surrounded by new blossoms as your cards came out, dear Sagittarians.

Now, there are just 8 more Zodiac signs to read for before April 1 arrives πŸ™‚

Β I also wanted to mention that if any of you have specific topics you would like to suggest for consulting with the Tarot to produce articles like the one for Self-Sabotage, please feel free to leave your suggestions in a comment!

As always thank you for stopping by β™‘



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