Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Guidance | All Sun Signs

This morning I pulled a healing card to connect with the Full Moon energies, and to prep for interaction with The Tarot in the afternoon. This card is very blunt in its message to open ourselves more through taking in less food. While food offers physical sustenance, it affects the mind and spirit as well. When it comes to food, less is more and quality (unprocessed foods) preserves the cells and organs. How little the body actually needs, so long as we get the proper nutrients. Having worked as a wellness coach for 1.5 years, I learned a great deal about how food affects the mind and spirit; when we consume more of what we don’t need (sugar, carbohydrates), the blood sugar spikes and drops repeatedly. Over time this spike-and-drop pattern can manifest as diabetes (physical) or mood disorders (mental/spiritual). Yet when we supply the body with plenty of water, protein, vitamins, and minerals, blood sugar levels even out and we find ourselves feeling more alert, energized, and in better spirits. When we create a habit of recognizing what the body needs, and not just what tastes good or sounds good, we improve the condition of our cells and organs. We raise our vibration. We expand our consciousness. This message translates directly to the material world, and to the relationships we have with other people. When we offer ourselves what we truly need, we become better equipped to be of service to others when they truly need us. When we store up more than what we need (food, material objects, poor habits, negative thought processes) our lives fall out of alignment.
The image above shows the spread after it has been laid out. The order is:

1 – 3 – 2 – 4 (bottom of deck)

1. Distraction: 7 of Coins (Reversed)

Often what causes us to get caught up in choices is lack of awareness for what we truly need (sustenance), versus what we merely want (impermanent gratification). Not to say that we should not ever pursue things outside of our basic needs. Yet, we may form attachments to things which only provide a quick fix of temporary pleasure as opposed to working to achieve lasting solutions. When conflict arises and we find ourselves becoming distracted, making excuses, or feeling unmotivated… it is helpful to consider sustenance. Which choice or direction offers the gift of sustenance, rather than only lending temporary satisfaction? When we seek out what will sustain us on *all* levels we become better equipped to make the choices which will move us forward. Otherwise we will not evolve; we will get stuck going in circular motions that only provide temporary pleasures. Chocolate, for example, provides temporary pleasure in times of distress, and it distracts from facing the issue or coming to a decision that will create balance.  An extended amount of time using distractions (whether consciously or subconsciously) causes us to become vulnerable, impatient, and puts us at risk of losing stability. Recognizing what sustains you in the long term, and then confidently moving in that direction will set things back into alignment — so you don’t get stuck. This particular cycle is nearing completion, so getting clear on what has been distracting you lately will help you follow through with the commitments you have made.
2. Commitment: 5 of Cups

Here we see the man standing beneath a clouded sky, the 5 cups spilled behind him. This might represent unsuccessful attempts that feel like failures, efforts gone unnoticed, or for some of you mourning the loss of someone or something. I’m also getting a sense that for a few of you, this Eclipse energy might be a wake-up call to seek forgiveness from someone in order to reach a deeper level of commitment within yourself. Many times along the quest to embrace what is truly best for us, we don’t always get things “right”. And that’s okay! Whether you are feeling disappointed in yourself or simply missing someone or something… remember that when you commit to being a better you, sometimes the things we leave behind in the process will take a little time to let go of: habits, people, ways of life, and even the places we call “home”. In retrospect, fully committing to becoming your greatest version takes time, patience, and self-forgiveness. Getting through emotional hurdles that often arise near the midpoint of a journey won’t seem to be happening in “the middle,” until you’ve reached the end (where you will be able to look back and see the entire timeline). When I was using clinical hypnosis to help clients modify behavior, the clients’ subconscious mind would attempt to override hypnotic suggestion around the third session (out of six) by following what it had been falsely conditioned to know as homeostasis — or, balance. At the point a client might craving cigarettes again, or worse, smoking them in situations that trigger the attachment to them. “Cigarettes relieve stress”, for example, is a false belief that is conditioned on a subconscious level. But by continuing to expose the subconscious mind to new messages, “exercise relaxes me,” for example, eventually newly formed neural pathways lead the person to desire to exercise for relaxation instead of reaching for a cigarette.  The message from the 5 of Cups is to keep going, push through the challenges and stay committed the process by also committing to self-care! Your cups will overflow again in time.
3. Focus / Perseverance: Queen of Cups (Reversed)

The Queen of Cups gazes upon her own reflection in the clear blue water. Queens are water signs, and so are Cups, so this card is all about allowing things to flow… flowing in and flowing out. Flowing all the way through.  To reach this level of is self-awareness requires us to take an honest look at ourselves. Again, the position of this card is “focus” and represents what is being eclipsed by the “commitment” card (5 of Cups) and the “distraction” card (7 of Coins). By getting clear on your distractions / attachments, as well as allowing the full spectrum of your emotions to flow along the way, you will become free. By avoiding those things you could become dependent, vulnerable, and helpless. Advice: You can allow yourself the freedom to move forward and let your light emerge from within by facing what is or has been eclipsing you at this time.

 4. Applying the Message to Self and Others: 7 of Wands

Wands are the cards of the spirit, and 7’s represent moving out of the 6 and into a state of imbalance. This card does tell us to be aware of how the people around us might be influencing us, but the energy of this card is more about rising to a higher level in order to maintain progress. Keeping your own best interests in mind will reveal to you the people who do not have your best interests in mind. Or perhaps it will be that your personal evolution will show you who is truly on this journey with you for the long haul. Some may be against you, or try to dull your shine at times. Ultimately this will only help you grow and push you further forward. Now is the time to make a conscious decision that you deserve the outcome of what you are working toward. Others’ opinions about what you might be doing differently will no longer affect you once you consciously decide that. At the same time, your existing healthy relationships can grow stronger, deeper, and more sentimental as a result of your rising concern for what is best for you (because doing what is best for you will also have a positive effect on your relationships). The 7 seeks to rise to the 8, which is intense focus and determination. Will your willpower intensify out of a space of competitiveness, or from a space of openness? Do you seek to be generous in sharing the gifts of wisdom, abundance, and self awareness you will soon be harvesting?

In Conclusion

By releasing attachments and taking an honest look at what provides only temporary pleasure, you can move on to experience the freedom of self-love through commitment. This can manifest into abundance: strengthened relationships, a more fitting career path, a healthier body, a deeper spiritual connection to Universe / Source / God.
I extend many thanks to you for taking the time to read this today.

May you be well in all your pursuits and I look forward to reading for you again soon!


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