Spring Equinox 2016 | Tarot Guidance 

 Welcome to your Spring Equinox reading for 2016! I spent the morning watching the sun come up on a soft, mossy spot to really pull in the energies of the coming season. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there has been some intense “shedding away” of things the recent months, and more intensely so the last few weeks. I wanted to do a simple, straightforward spread for you, as we also have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming with a special reading for that as well.

I decided to bring a book called “Simply Living” by Ruskin Bond that was gifted to me just last week, to use during the reading. Allowing my intuition to guide me, I opened the book randomly to this page — page 66 — which gifted an overall message that accompanies the spread very well. The page reads:

“Wherever I went, the stars were there to keep me company. And I knew that as long as I responded, in both a physical and mystical way, to the natural world — Sea, Sun, Earth, Moon, and Stars — I would never feel lonely upon this planet.”

What a perfect message to go along with your Tarot Guidance for the Spring 2016 Season! I have to add that when I read this, my entire body got cold chills…


Here I am using a very simple, straightforward spread, reading left to right from the recent past moving into the future. Here are the positions:

  1. Recent Past: Death
  2. Advice for the Present Moment: The High Priestess
  3. Advice Moving Forward: Two of Wands
  4. What to Be Aware of Moving Forward: Four of Cups


Overall Message

This spread clearly indicates that the “death” or transformation has already occurred, although the effects are still lingering. This simply means there are adjustments to be made, even though the territory is unfamiliar. Moving forward, there are many discoveries to behold as a result especially when we incorporate the quote from Ruskin, which ties into the Two of Wands. Remember, Wands represent the spiritual self. This is new turf, with new aspirations, and a rather different sense of enthusiasm than before. Just remember to be aware of people and environments that have a negative influence on your behaviors, or provoke negative emotional responses.

Let’s have a closer look at each position 🙂


Spring 2016 Tarot Guidance | Voyager Deck


Recent Past Position: Death

Recent Past Position: Death


It could feel as if what you have moved forward from (or are in the process of moving forward from) is still influencing you, which it very well could be for some of you. On a deeper level, you have fully let go. This is never an easy thing. Even when we are ready for change, it is still a challenge. There are unexpected details, new people, new environments, and new routines to get used to. I feel that it is important to note, if there are any resentments sitting with you at this time, it will only continue to haunt you and slow the move forward. More important are the lessons you have to take with you, developing aspirations or goals as a result, and making adjustments where necessary rather than second-guessing yourself. On this card, we see the full moon at the top left corner of the image, and the expansive universe at the bottom right of the card. This sends the message of interconnectedness — that every action, decision, and even your thoughts will shape you, so allowing the natural flow of this change to move through you will enlighten you to your personal power. In nature, when something is born it follows the Golden Ratio… but it also follows the Golden Ratio when it dies. These spirals are found in everything from galaxies to plants. Change is the pull of nature, constant, natural, and necessary. Remember that this change is something you need in order to grow.


Present Advice: The High Priestess

Advice for the Present Moment: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a call to embrace your hidden talents, to follow your intuition, and to see the potential. Since you are experiencing an entirely new level of being and expressing, this card suggests that there are some hidden messages that have yet to be revealed — but they can only be revealed to you if you trust what your inner voice is saying, and to know that the power is within yourself now. Patience is one of the strongest assets held by the Priestess; when you realize your own strength it offers a certain sense of comfort. This card in its position just following Death, says that being still and observing the internal effects of the change, as well as the external shifts, will take some time and reflection but will ultimately give you wisdom and grace.  On this card we receive medicine of the Owl, and the Dolphin. Owl reminds us that anything we have let go of, was no longer needed; now is the time to pay close attention to details, to follow your true purpose, to trust your instincts about people. Body language and tone of voice often speak louder than words. Dolphins are joyful, playful creatures, and they are also highly intelligent. They embrace their playful nature fully, yet they also follow their instincts in order to navigate the complex Ocean habitat. Dolphin reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously, but to always be in tune to ourselves and our environment. The early part of Spring will be about strengthening yourself in these areas, as well as developing a new sense of appreciation towards this beautiful life here on planet Earth.

Advice Moving Forward: Two of Wands | Purity

Advice Moving Forward: Two of Wands | Purity

Ah, the Two of Wands. This is excellent energy coming through for the Spring Season. Moving throughout Spring this year is about lighting a new torch, taking a new approach, entering another dimension. Experimenting with astral projection through guided meditation can be a great way to open yourself further to possibility (and, it is fun!). I find it interesting that I chose Moonstone (centered in the quartz points) which represents hopes and dreams. Will you follow through with your hopes and dreams this spring? This card talks about opportunity with a risk often attached to it. But stay true to yourself and the results can take you very far! Have you ever noticed homes with candles in the windows? They always look so inviting, and most likely the owners know that by placing a candle in each window, it creates a sense of being welcomed inside. This journey welcomes you with open arms, and it is guiding you in a direction that brings out the best in you. This card is all about personal power, speaking your truth, harnessing your strengths. So it seems that the High Priestess has a very powerful effect on you; the feminine energies of the Priestess are well-balanced by the masculine energies of this card. The number two represents alignment. Again, following your true purpose as suggested with the High Priestess is the best way to move forward with this newfound sense of personal strength so that it is not misused. Staying appreciative, keen to details and hidden messages, cultivating patience, and trusting your inner wisdom like the Priestess will keep you grounded and less likely to be motivated by the ego, or led astray by others who are not acting out of integrity. Be bold, but be humble.

What to be Aware of Moving Forward: Four of Cups | Anger

What to be Aware of moving Forward: Four of Cups | Anger

First, this is a warning not to over-extend yourself, energetically speaking. Your health is your greatest asset; over-committing leads to imbalance as you will give more energy to others than to yourself. When we are tired and malnourished, our spiritual self and even our emotions go out of balance. Another warning I feel coming through this card is not to get involved with people, organizations, or environments which can influence you negatively. Since many of you are embarking upon a new direction, be aware of these. If you have recently come through a change where you let go of an unhealthy or negative behavior in the process, be mindful about what triggers those unhealthy habits or negative behaviors. On the other side of this change is a deeper commitment to your Greater Purpose. Stand strong in your beliefs. It all goes back to the quote at the beginning of the reading, and how it ties into the energy of the High Priestess. There is a reason she is at the center of the spread! You know what your triggers are, and you also know which environments and people inspire you to be your best. What deeper commitments can to be made at this time, as you move forward to fully embrace your personal power?


This concludes your Spring Season overview… I think it applies to us all. Taking the time to not only enjoy this life, but to connect with it and flow with it; allowing ourselves to bloom as the natural world blooms. Stopping to smell the flowers. Taking a moment to breathe and admire the stars. Sitting in the grass. Bringing flowers into the home and enjoying fresh fruits. Of course, all with deep appreciation and awareness of the effects of life’s gifts on who we are, and how we are nourished by them.

I look forward to bringing you another reading for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday. Thank you so much for your comments and messages… it is truly helping me develop my ability to write out these readings for you. I have been practicing with video a bit more and hope to become more active on YouTube in time. So I want to let you know how much every little comment and like encourages me to continue with video and getting comfortable with my style of reading on camera. Have a wonderful start to your week!

Journey On,




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