Embracing the Dream | Tarot Guidance

I decided to work with this topic, especially with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse approaching soon. To embrace your dream, you need to have a clear image of it; what it looks like, what it feels like. What are you doing, when you are living your dream? What is happening around you in this dream life? What are the details?

I created this spread to seek guidance on how to get clear on what your dream actually is — how to prepare for that, and what to be aware of. If you are not presently “living your dream life” — what needs to happen so that you can?


Voyager Deck | Embracing the Dream Spread
  1. How can I overcome the fears associated with living out my dream? | Empress
    In this deck, The Empress is represented by Serqet, the Egyptian Scorpion goddess known for her protection over mother and child. In terms of Magick, Serqet protected against venomous bites (she was depicted as wearing a Scorpion as a crown). The message coming through the card in this position is to recognize your support system as it extends all the way from your core, to those you love and trust… and all the way out into the whole of the Universe. The Empress also speaks to us about embracing our ability to support ourselves, and nurturing what truly keeps us alive — especially in the spiritual sense. Here The Empress is surrounded by things in full bloom; a field of clovers with orange Prairie Lilies standing out. With regard to the chakras, the color orange represents the Sacral chakra which corresponds to nurturing oneself and allowing the “creative flow of life to guide and shape continual change in our lives” (quoted from My Holistic Healing). Whatever it is that is trying to bloom within you at this time can be brought to fruition by focusing on what will nurture it. Empress is a reminder that what we choose to give the most attention to is what will manifest, so when we are focused on our fear(s) our dream is being forced away. In the background of this image, we see the Blood Moon — also named the Falling Leaves Moon by Native Americans, and the Falling Leaf Moon in Wicca. This is October’s Full Moon, which represents a time to harvest in preparation for winter. Consider making a list of things which will support you in pursuit of your dream, everything from your personal strengths to your material and physical support systems. Anything that doesn’t appear on that list is likely just an attachment, and not a necessity (something you can release or release yourself from).
  2. How can I get clear on what the dream actually is? | Death
    In it’s position in this spread, the Death card suggests letting go of attachments. This could even mean loosening your grip on your own ideals, ego, and expectations for your future. Our attachments often show themselves in the form of internal conflicts such as anger, jealousy, pessimism, or frustration. Death is a reminder that the way forward actually carves out a path directly through your center and requires you to acknowledge the call to be honest with yourself about something you don’t want to face. It is time to cut ourselves off from what is dead or dying. Any moment could be your last, so by embracing LIFE (what brings you to life) and living fully in the moment, you can begin to see what you are tied to which might not be in your best interest. Suffering often accompanies Death, and “ultimately it is liberating” (James Wanless). Are you willing to suffer if it means this suffering will teach you what you need to learn in order to get to the bigger picture of what your dream is?
  3. How can I embrace the dream? Woman of Worlds (Queen of Pentacles in traditional decks)
    The Woman of Worlds reminds us that when we nurture ourselves, we are better equipped to nurture others. Embracing the dream will affect not only yourself, but it has an effect on your personal karma; what you choose to embrace effects the energies of other people and the world. Considering this, will embracing the dream positively affect the karmic cycle? If the answer is no, what adjustments can be made so that embracing the dream has a positive effect on yourself as well as others. The dream does not belong to you; you do not own the dream nor the benefits of living the dream. Your dream exists because of the magnificence of the Universe. When we learn to humble ourselves in our pursuits, we start to desire sharing our happiness with others (which produces more of it for everyone!). When you can dance with your tribe, you dance with the Universe. Be mindful to heal the body as you embrace the dream; keeping the chakras balanced and the body healthy through the consumption of fresh unprocessed foods, exercise, and rest results in a strengthened mind-body-spirit relationship.
  4. How do I prepare to live out the dream? Three of Cups
    When our actions are guided by LOVE / loving kindness and not the ego, we move in the direction of the Greater Good. If your ego is guiding your actions, it is likely you are not yet prepared to sustain the dream. When I consulted the Tarot with this question, I anticipated being enlightened to a series of steps to share with you, but this card shows me that the energy of acting in LOVE is what enlightens us to the appropriate course of action, whether it is in the moment or entirely planned out of a loving space within ourselves. James Wanless says, “Openly give of yourself, flow and flower with others, and all parts of yourself.”
  5. What should I be aware of? (Bottom of Deck) Ace of Wands
    Always be aware of your vision, your truth, what illuminates you, and the Greater Good. What are the patterns or behaviors that keep you from gracefully expressing your truth? When you begin a journey you are reaching out toward the light… illuminated from within. This is your revelation, bringing to light your deeper motivations. How do your choices affect your personal truth as you move forward in pursuit of the dream?

I send you all loving energies as you allow yourselves to flow with the Universe and embrace your dreams fully. I am grateful to know that we are journeying together, ready to let go of our fears and live this life to the fullest!




5 thoughts on “Embracing the Dream | Tarot Guidance

  1. This is a great spread – I’ll have to take a look at it for later this week. I feel like I have a hyper-focused dream of part of my career, but could definitely use this spread to help vision around other aspects of my career/life.

    Loving your site – will definitely be following you.


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