Solar Eclipse Reading | Change: Allowing vs. Forcing

Welcome to your Solar Eclipse reading for guidance on the subject of change.  I invite you to offer yourself some gratitude for taking time out of your day to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

I had originally chosen a different location for this reading (near a moving stream). When things did not work out as planned, I chose to postpone and set up at a different place to pull the cards for this spread.

I decided to perform the reading at a wildlife preserve a few miles outside of town. It seems more beautiful each time I drive out there! I have visited this place frequently during the three years we have lived here. Since we are moving this summer I felt that the familiar setting would be a perfect place to consult The Tarot about ‘change’. Soon, I’ll be saying goodbye to this place — a location which has offered solace, has welcomed friends, and has even been a backdrop for portraits of lovers.

I used quartz points, walking meditation, and sitting meditation over the past two days, taking in the eclipse energies in order to best communicate this message to you. I hope you enjoy it! Your feedback is welcomed.

The Spread | Change: Allowing vs. Forcing

The positions of this spread came to me as I was shuffling the cards. I simply said aloud the word for guidance sought regarding each position before pulling the corresponding card. I will outline each position, as well as significant relationships among the cards.

In order, the positions are:

  1. Conflict: The Hermit reversed
  2. Communication: The Chariot
  3. Awareness: Temperance
  4. Patience: The Tower reversed
  5. Spirit / Higher Self: The Star reversed
  6. Alignment: 9 of Wands reversed


Foundation (Left 3 Positions): [Conflict + Awareness + Spirit / Higher Self]
Endurance (Right 3 Positions): [Communication + Patience + Alignment]
Consciousness: [Spirit / Higher Self + Alignment]

  1. Conflict: The Hermit reversed
    Conflict generates a wide variety of energies and attitudes. Some conflicts can be stimulating, while others are immobilizing. Some conflicts are direct, while others are indirect. Once conflict has been recognized we can either choose to take action, or choose to not take action (some would call this “waiting for the right time”). Whichever the case, it is always a good idea take note of our mental and emotional state along the way. The Hermit prepares us for change by helping us illuminate the path from a strong mental and spiritual foundation. However, remaining in a state of inward focus and becoming over-analytical results in avoiding action altogether. Where are your thoughts leading you presently? What is your perspective on this conflict? In an upright position The Hermit reminds us to “wander freely” from a space of awareness, but in the reverse position it warns us not to be careless in our direction. Allowing change sets us free, while forcing it enslaves us to a sense of desperation. Desperation can be blinding, causing us to become lost in circular patterns of thought or action. Advice: Quiet observation is helpful to avoid overwhelm, but keep moving forward as you observe.
  2. Communication: The Chariot
    In what direction is this change taking you? Where do you want to go? What are you moving away from, or moving towards? Staying in communication with yourself about the direction of change is an important part of steering The Hermit; Communicating your needs, thoughts, and feelings openly and honestly is also important. When we are not clear about the direction we want to go, we remain in The Hermit position — in a state of conflict analysis. Walking in the snow leaves footprints, but once the snow melts those footprints are gone. Are you paying attention to the steps you’ve made before they melt?
  3. Awareness: Temperance
    This card in its position is ridiculously perfect! Ruled by Jupiter, Temperance teaches us to be tolerant through listening and observation. Temperance is also a reminder that not everything is what it seems (perception). The Fountain deck illustrates a man in the nude surrounded by what I interpret as a Polar landscape. You might expect him to be in distress, yet he is calm. Consider seals; the only way seals are able to withstand the temperatures of Polar landscapes is by their body temperatures being naturally regulated using fatty tissues as insulation. The evolution of a seal’s sight allows him not only to see in the dark waters, but also to handle the harsh glares above water caused by sunlight reflecting off snow and ice. By channeling the well-adapted survival skills of a Polar seal, we are given new perspectives with which to maneuver through new situations. We can see on this card that the man (Temperance) has gathered water from the ocean, but he is only pouring it from one container to another. Something we all know about ocean water is that we can’t drink it due to the amount of salt in it. If you drank ocean water you would become dehydrated since the kidneys are unable to filter out the high salt content. A body of water as large as an ocean appears to be vast and plentiful. Yet only marine life that have adapted to the conditions of the ocean can utilize the water for survival. Advice: Don’t doubt your ability to adapt to new situations. Get in touch with your senses to help you overcome rigid perspectives; not everything is as it seems. Allow the Universe to reveal new perspectives, rather than letting the ego force new perspectives away.
  4. Patience: The Tower reversed
    Cultivating patience allows us to balance the elements within [earth / air / fire / water]. I love this illustration which depicts a very simplified version of The Tower. If you’ve ever played the game of Jenga, you know that even a simple vibration can knock down your tower. Like The Tower as it is illustrated here,  it is possible to achieve balance through patience and perseverance — even when balance seems impossible. It is when we lose patience that we experience difficulty. When entering into change without patience, there can be a sense that at any moment you might come undone. Without patience, we feel that we are under attack. When this feeling continues for an extended period of time, we may begin to act out of desperation. There is a quote by Obert Skye that says, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Anyone who follows this advice will end up in a world of trouble! Instead, consider this quote:

    “Acting out of desperation will likely magnify and extend your desperate circumstances. Transform desperation into commitment, determination, and positive actions that will make your world even better than before.” — Ralph Marston

  5. Spirit / Higher Self: The Star reversed
    Connecting with the Higher Self for guidance requires us to disconnect from the ego. We want to be in control, to plan the details of each step, to secure an outcome. While preparation is a good thing, hard expectations can postpone action or lead to disappointment. The Star reminds us that an outcome depends less upon the plan and more upon our connection to the Higher Self during the course of change. By keeping this connection strong, you allow yourself to take action now, instead of forcing unnatural dependence upon your expectations. Advice: Trust you inner voice, the voice beyond your thinking mind, and allow yourself to connect with the infinite wisdom of the Universal Mind.

    “The journey is the destination.” — Dan Eldon [Here is a link to an inspirational video about Dan Eldon]

  6. Alignment: 9 of Wands Reversed
    Nine of Wands tells us that a cycle is nearly complete on a spiritual level. In its position in this particular spread, the Nine of Wands in the reversed position suggests that a cycle cannot be completed unless the soul is in alignment with the outcome. If it isn’t, we will most likely need to come through another journey in order to receive the lesson from a different set of experiences. The man illustrated on the card uses his nine wands to support him as he reaches the peak of the mountain. Each wand on the card represents an element of spirit, and the number 9 shows how close he is to the end of a shift — just one away from 10, completion of a cycle. What lessons have you learned during this shift that will continue to support you upon completion of the cycle? What worked or didn’t work along the way? What has shifted internally as a result of this change?
  7. Foundation: [The Hermit + Temperance + The Star]
    Together, these cards form the foundation with which to support change. Balanced inward reflection, careful listening and observation externally, and faith in the journey create a strong foundation for you to take on change naturally without force.
  8. Endurance: [The Chariot + The Tower + 9 of Wands]
    Together, these cards tell us how to have endurance to align with change through to its completion. Get clear on the direction you want to go, transform desperation into determination, and continue to align yourself with the change as it happens naturally by acknowledging the steps that support your growth.
  9. Consciousness: [The Star + 9 of Wands]
    These two cards tell us how to be confident in the direction we are headed by applying inner guidance. Acknowledging what is working, and what supports our spiritual development paves the way forward.



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