Guidance for the Week Feb 15th – 21st

General Guidance

If you were drawn to this post it is likely you are detaching from an older version of yourself, and beginning to notice new aspects of your maturing character. This inner shift could be showing you what you need to move on from on the outside, even though you aren’t yet fully acquainted with these newly blossoming values and even characteristics. Remember: the hardest part of this particular move forward is already over. Simply stick to your plan, remain attentive to the details without overthinking. Your subconscious mind is being reconditioned at this time; you no longer are driven by impulse and are able to more easily see “the bigger picture”. Trust that this is who you really are… that who you want to be is you you actually are. The rest will fall into place.

Detailed Guidance

Once again working with a spread I created, this time pulling a crowning energy card which in some way relates to, or influences, each of the other positions.



  1. Present Path: Queen of Disks
  2. What You are Striving For: The Tower
  3. Integrity Card: The High Priestess in reverse
  4. Spiritual Truth: The Moon in reverse
  5. Emotional Truth: Ace of Swords in reverse
  6. Physical / Material Truth: 7 of Wands
  7. Interpersonal Truth: King of Wands
  8. CROWNING ENERGY (positioned at Top of spread): 2 of Disks



The 2 of Disks seeks balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of the self. With this card crowning over the other cards, it suggests that you will need to maintain an awareness of balance and seek to create harmony among each of your endeavors as a functioning whole, rather than giving all or nothing to one aspect of yourself at a time (exercise routine, relationship, socialization, career). You must learn how to give to others (universal love) without feeling guilty when you need more time for yourself, and give to yourself (self love) without feeling interrupted when others need you. While this step forward has been heavy at times, it has been equally moving and inspiring. Remember to step back and appreciate the fruits of your labor, and to spend plenty of time with those you love. The 2 of Disks relates directly to the first card in your spread.

PRESENT PATH: Queen of Disks

You really are beginning to feel yourself becoming the person which you want to be. Monday is a strong day for time to yourself. You recognize what is needed must come from within your own reserves; otherwise you will continue to harbor emotions rather than moving forward — together with your emotions (all in one piece). This is unfamiliar territory, but the rewards are coming. You’ve worked very hard and can’t yet feel fully “relieved” since there is still careful planning needed, as well as a deeper understanding of what you plan to do.


Your plans require a total transformation on a level you aren’t quite familiar with. Again, I see unfamiliarity throughout the spread. Keep in mind that when something is unfamiliar, it requires you to dedicate yourself a little deeper, but it doesn’t mean you should veer from the path. Those parts of yourself that you used to cling to have been battled from all angles… both from within yourself (self-criticism) and on the outside (judgment from others). The lessons you needed to learn resulted from these battles, and now you feel an urgency to push yourself into the next phase. Looking back, you can only see a shadow of the old you, and that person isn’t relevant to what and who you are striving to become now. You are no longer in the blaze nor burned by the fire — you are stepping out of it. You made it through, and the effects are felt stronger than ever.

INTEGRITY CARD: The High Priestess reversed

You are ready to be more than you have been in the past. This is largely motivated by your family / those you trust deeply.You might even feel the need to disassociate from anything other than what is moving you forward. Congratulations, you are reaching a new level of maturity. The better part is, you recognize that it is happening. Your new unconscious needs and desires are still being discovered, so the deep emotions you’ve been feeling along the way will likely continue. Still, you feel calmer and more aware this week. You’ve come face to face with your insecurities… and some which you thought you had dealt with already might still need to be released. Do not be doubtful of your abilities because the Queen of Disks is taking over your subconscious! Developing some affirmations this week will be good for groundedness.

SPIRITUAL TRUTH: The Moon reversed

It makes perfect sense to see The Moon card representing your spiritual truth, nestled in next to the High Priestess (who is ruled by The Moon). The Moon’s reversed position says to me that this transition is one that has been very slow moving, but is revealing much deeper aspects of yourself than you were ready to see: The good and the not-so-great! Your present environment has not allowed your spiritual truth to shine, and so you may at times feel desperate to leave the situation so you can stay in regular contact with this deeper part of who you are (and who you are becoming). Since you have been in touch with this part of yourself again, there is light being shed upon your emotional truths / how you share of yourself and who you wish to be surrounded by. The key is to make time for yourself despite present conditions. Also offer time to be supportive in return to those who have been supportive of you; this will help you balance your emotional and spiritual needs together.

EMOTIONAL TRUTH: Ace of Swords reversed

This card seems to be coming up a lot lately in the readings I’ve done. An Air sign, the Ace of Swords shows me that you are ready to spread your wings and fly! But… the reverse position indicates that something is holding you back — but not for long according to the surrounding cards. Your momentum has been building, and building, and building… you have been working diligently to rejuvenate your spiritual self and working hard on the outside — in your relationships, in your career. But it’s as if you are exhausted from all the concentration and just want things to flow… and it will. You will soon find a way to break free and harness the humble power of the Queen of Disks and the High Priestess. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the meantime.


This is the absolute perfect card for its position in the reading, backed by the fiery spirit of Mars, and also ruled by Leo. The 7 of Wands in the position of your material truth shows me that you seek from the heart. Where you maybe used to “wear your heart on your sleeve,” your drive to succeed is also conscious of how your actions and behaviors affect other people. So this is where courage and determination come together with the grace and strength of Wolf medicine, illustrated on the card. You are moved in love and by love with all your senses engaged; your target is certain. Now it is a matter of bringing together all that you’ve learned along the way. You notice how powerful it is to be humble in your pursuits, how much knowledge rests in your humility. The energy of Anahata (the heart chakra) is strong and seems to flow out of this card from behind the wolf’s green eyes; a suggestion that “seeing” your way forward with loving kindness at the forefront of your motivations will guide you in the right direction, versus “seeing” with a typical cause-and-effect mindset. I recommend Metta bhavana (the loving kindness meditation) for continuing to develop compassion.

INTERPERSONAL TRUTH: King of Wands reversed

The King of Wands has an intense spiritual wisdom that illuminates him from the inside out. Our relationships with others open up more when we connect with and follow our values with courage and confidence. Although, your courage and confidence may be challenged this week; all the more reason to practice Metta bhavana and remember that your outcome will be great. This will be an outcome which will bring you much wisdom and enlightenment to share with others. It is likely that by the week’s end, you will begin to see elements of a resolution trickling in.

Closing Comments

Wow! What a beautiful reading. I get the sense that you are really “coming into your own”. I hope you enjoyed this reading and I look forward to posting next week’s reading for you. It is always such a great learning experience and so much fun, too! I am still learning my style, presentation, and gaining confidence in communicating what the cards tell me. I am looking forward to the time when I feel ready to share video readings, but I do not want to rush. In the meantime, I’ll continue to make written posts for you =)

Have a great week!






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